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Oct 24
Nov 4, 2022

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Oct 24
Nov 4, 2022



We’ve added new housing market metrics sourced from PropTrack. Users can now access home price indices as well as other insights for the main Australian cities, including sales volume, asking rent, and days on the market. 

In the chart below, we examined how home prices for the main East Coast cities are performing versus the rest of the country.  While all areas in Australia are seeing slowing price growth, Melbourne and Sydney are in the lowest percentile, with prices in fact dropping year-on-year.


For Switzerland, we’ve added a granular dataset from the central bank on new loan agreements. Users can see the volume of new loans, as well as the average interest rates for investment loans and variable- and fixed-rate mortgages. The dataset is also broken down by loan maturity. 

In the first chart below, we display the current curve of average fixed mortgage interest rates per maturity and compare it with six months ago. Fixed rates have increased across all maturities in a very short timeframe. 

In the second chart, we graph applications for mortgages with a term of 10 to 15 years alongside the average interest rate (displayed with an inverted axis). Unsurprisingly, there is a strong negative correlation: as rates increase, applications decrease. The current sharp pace of rate increases is triggering a commensurate drop in applications. This is not reflected yet in real estate prices -- displayed in the second pane – but a decline seems likely to follow. 


We’ve expanded our data coverage with information about who owns the nation’s public debt, sourced from the Central Securities Depository of Ghana. 

The chart below displays the ownership breakdown between domestic and foreign investors. Public debt has doubled since 2019, but foreign investors’ proportion has declined. It’s at an all-time low of about 10 percent, compared with 30 percent three years ago.  

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Financial Wealth by Sector, Total Economy

Country & Region > Belgium [be, Region] > Financial Accounts [flof, Category] > Stock > Financial Wealth by Sector > Total Economy


CPI (Monthly)

Country & Region > Australia [au, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Consumer Price Index > National > All Items > Monthly CPI

PropTrack Home Price Index

Country & Region > Australia [au, Region] > Construction & Real Estate [cons, Category] > Real Estate > Real Estate Prices > All Property Types > Home Price Index > PropTrack

PropTrack Property Insights

Country & Region > Australia [au, Region] > Construction & Real Estate [cons, Category] > Real Estate > Real Estate Indicators > Houses > PropTrack Property Insights

Recruitment Experiences & Outlook Survey

Country & Region > Australia [au, Region] > Labor Market [lama, Category] > Recruitment


Financial Accounts, Economic Sector Breakdown, Total Economy

Country & Region > Austria [at, Region] > Financial Accounts [flof, Category] > Economic Sector Breakdown > Total Economy


Inflation Target

Country & Region > Bangladesh [bd, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Inflation Target


Services exc. Trade industries, value added 

Source & Release > Finland [fi, Region] > Statistics Finland > National Accounts (Quarterly) [rel_fistatfinnaexpapp, Release] > Value Added of Industries (GDP Production Approach) > B1GPH/0 Value Added > B1GPH/G_T Services > B1GPH/H_T/Excluding Trade (48-98)

Hong Kong

Private Housing Supply in the Primary Market

Source & Release > Hong Kong [hk, Region] > Hong Kong Housing Bureau > Private Housing Supply in the Primary Market [rel_hkhbcons, Release]


Debt Market

Source & Release > Ghana [gh, Region] > Central Securities Depository of Ghana > Debt Market [rel_ghcsdgpfi, Release] 


Italian General Election

Source & Release > Italy [it, Region] > Political Thermometer > Italian General Election [rel_itpolgen, Release]


General Government Debt Denominated

Source & Release > Serbia [rs, Region] > Serbian Ministry of Finance > General Government Debt Denominated [rel_rsmofggdd, Release]

Deposit Rates

Country & Region > Serbia [rs, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Deposit Rates

Lending Rates

Country & Region > Serbia [rs, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Lending Rates


Riksbank Monetary Policy Report & Update

Country & Region > Sweden [se, Region] > Forecasts [fcst, Category] > Riksbank


SNB Interest Rates on New Loan Agreements

Country & Region > Switzerland [ch, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Mortgage Lending Rates > Swiss National Bank


Air Activities of PLA Aircraft Around the R.O.C. Airspace

Country & Region > Taiwan [tw, Region] > ESG [esgc, Category] > Socio-Political > Military > Air Activities > Total


Fiscal Operations

Source & Release > Uganda [ug, Region] > Ministry of Finance of Uganda, Planning & Economic Development > Fiscal Operations [rel_ugfiscalop, Release]

United States

FOMC ON RRP Offering Rate (release)

Source & Release > United States [us, Region] > Federal Reserve Bank of New York > FOMC ON RRP Offering Rate [rel_usonrrpor, Release]

FOMC ON RRP Offering Rate

Country & Region > United States [us, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Policy Rates > Overnight RRP


Our World in Data, Missing Women

Source & Release > World [world, Region] > Our World in Data > Missing Women [rel_owdmw, Release]


Inflation Target

Country & Region > Zambia [zm, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Inflation Targeting

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