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The hawkish Fed pause, Chinese exports and sluggish Germany

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Using Indicio to forecast inflation on both sides of the Atlantic

Our economist constructs a model that shows sticky price increases in the short term.


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Will markets force the BOJ to finally abandon negative rates?

With a resilient US facing higher rates for longer, the weak yen could lead to a big change in Japan.

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Macrobond serves around 800+ organisations globally, including some of the world’s largest banks and asset managers, as well as hedge funds, central banks and research houses.

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"Fortunately, I can now state that my FX and oil models have never been better. Thank you, Macrobond.”

Head of Markets, PRIVATE Bank, Denmark
Macrobond customer since October 2020

"I liked Macrobond instantly. It really is critical to have software that can visually show our ideas, whether those are charts, tables or data."

Economist, Asset Manager with $90b AUM
Macrobond user since 2018

"Macrobond is an outstanding product in this space, combining a vast array of data sources, a powerful analytical engine and a range of customisable data visualisations."

Head of Investment Strategy, Chief Economist and Asset Manager with $400b AUM
Macrobond user since 2015

"The add-ins with PowerPoint and Excel are hugely beneficial for streamlining processes and reducing time spent on maintenance."

Head of Macro Quantitative & Derivatives Strategy, Asset Manager with $690m AUM
Macrobond user since 2015

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