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Macrobond x SigTech

Macrobond GPT

By combining the most extensive macroeconomic and financial data on the market today with SigTech’s platform for backtesting and portfolio construction, you now have the power to support your strategy with a macro lens.

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Gain direct access to a wealth of macroeconomic data and understand how your portfolio will perform in the macro environment using natural language insights through the GPT plugin.

Key benefits

  • Enrich your investment strategy with macro data
  • Natural language plug in for data discovery
  • Reduces ETL through instance data access
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Key features

Instant access to 30,000 macroeconomic time series data

Data API connection with SigTech for seamless delivery

Straight forward licensing

From know code to no code

Both novice and experienced investors can overlay a macro lens to create charts, conduct investment analysis, and test trading strategies or portfolios with unprecedented ease—no coding required.


Replacing Python with natural language eliminates the barrier to entry. Combine API with LLMs to form a two-pronged approach; building financial analytics with natural language.

Gain immediate insights

Backtesting portfolio construction ideas is immediate so you can identify whether the current macroeconomic environment is supportive of a sector or region.

Want access to Macrobond's entire 300m+ time series data?

No problem, we have a range of data packages built to suit your needs. Our data API plugs straight into SigTech’s backtesting engine allowing you to access more than the 30,000 time series data currently available.

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