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Identify emerging trends.
Strengthen your strategies.

Macrobond offers direct access to alternative data sources to enrich your perspective of the ever evolving economic and financial landscape.

  • Single subscription and invoice
    No need for multiple vendor contracts
  • Mapped to our intelligent metadata
    Search intuitively and with precision
  • Direct access via our application or data feed
    No implementation requirements – data is instantly accessible

Integrated Providers

Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Financial Forecasts

Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Financial Forecasts

Blue Chip Economic Indicators provides forecasts for US economic growth, inflation, interest rates and a host of other critical indicators of future business activity. More than 50 economists employed by some of America's largest and most respected manufacturers, banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms provide their insights.

Blue Chip Financial Forecasts assess the future direction and level of US interest rates. Estimates are provided for the Fed funds rate, T-Bills, notes of various maturities, corporate bonds, home mortgage rates and more.

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Key benefits

  • Long history of survey results
  • Expert opinion on the future performance of the US economy
  • Independent and transparent
Turnleaf Analytics

Turnleaf Analytics

Turnleaf Analytics provides datasets that seek to forecast the economy over multiple time horizons. Their approach combines their expertise in the intersection of financial markets, diverse datasets and quantitative techniques. Sometimes the relationships between market and economic variables can be very complex. By using machine learning they can model these relationships in a more cohesive manner.

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Key benefits

  • Gain global perspective on inflation landscape
  • Reduce uncertainty and minimize risk
  • Stay up to date
  • Find new opportunities

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Quant Insight

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