Emerging Market Data

All the information you need to make informed decisions. In real time.

Economists, strategists and analysts use our data to quickly understand how the real world economy is impacting the financial markets to inform their asset allocation, FX and risk strategies.

Our 50+ million time series data is broken down into concepts and categories across the globe giving a clear picture of what regions and sectors are likely to perform during an economic cycle.

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Key benefits

  • Comprehensive metadata
  • Logical data structure
  • Instant calculations, modelling and forecasting
  • Internal/external database integration
  • Two-way connections to Microsoft Office

Macrobond EMERGING MARKET data

50m+ Time series

All Macrobond data undergoes 200+ consistency checks.

High frequency indicators
Monthly frequency
Annual frequency
High frequency indicators

For a full list of our country and data coverage, download our Emerging Markets Factsheet

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"You no longer need to have eight different data providers, and a specific package for analysis, and another one for charting. We find all of these things in one."
Francois Trahan
Trahan Macro Research
"Macrobond has been a game changer for my work as an Emerging Markets Strategist and Portfolio Manager."
Hong Hoang, PhD
Emerging Markets Debt Strategist
"Macrobond has truly been a transformative tool for me. But what stands out the most is their customer service. I genuinely feel that my voice as a customer is heard and valued."
Mauri Kotamäki
Chief Economist
Finnvera Oyj
"Collaboration is probably the key element of the Macrobond tool that makes our team stronger, more efficient, more effective."
Lauren Goodwin
Chief Market Strategist
New York Life Investments
"Try Macrobond. Your life as an analyst will be changed for the better."
Francis Tan
Investment Strategist
UOB Private Bank
"I’ve never experienced that Macrobond is not capable of delivering when I need data."
Andreas Steno Larsen
Founder and CEO
Steno Research
"Macrobond has been a total game change for the output of our research. It has cut the time we need to spend on creating charts significantly – at least 75%."
Cameron Dawson
Chief Investment Officer
NewEdge Wealth
"The fact that it combines both the database and the analytics engine is what is really key."
Mick Grady
Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist
Aviva Investors