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No coding required.

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Indicio platform
Indicio platform
Indicio platform
Indicio platform

Forward-looking data in an intuitive platform

Predict economic events with ease. Our partnership with Indicio brings the power of their automated forecasting platform to our vast database - enabling you to build a range of robust forecasts in minutes.

Powered by the latest econometric, AI and machine-learning models, Indicio's advanced modelling tools can help you detect trend shifts up to two months earlier, with a guaranteed 30%* improvement in accuracy.

Macrobond's database can be accessed directly from Indicio's platform via our API integration. Customers will need a Macrobond Data+ license and Indicio subscription purchased from Macrobond.

*Based on results of existing Indicio customers.

Key benefits

  • Intelligence-driven bespoke forecasting
  • Intuitive point-and-click platform
  • Ability to test ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Weighted model results

Key numbers

  • 50 leading indicators analyzed simultaneously
  • 60% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • 27+ econometric and machine-learning models
Indicio platform
Indicio platform
Indicio platform
Indicio platform

Key features

Indicio makes forecasting accessible to everyone.

With just one hour of training, you can generate a vast range of forecasts and even test different scenarios that can affect your predictions without needing to code. Here are the features that make that possible:

Capture group indicator effect

Instead of relying solely on historical data, Indicio uses multivariate analysis to uncover more intricate relationships. Each indicator is defined as a function of the others so you can see how they interact.

Gain immediate insights

Select indicators, transform data, build and backtest models, and perform model averaging in minutes. Spend your time gaining actual insights instead of building the statistical framework.

Leverage a data-driven methodology

The accuracy of a forecast can be unintentionally affected by the bias of the forecaster. “Trust me” bias, over-fitting, anchor bias, etc. can all play a part, but statistical models are unaffected by subjectivity.

Easy-to-verify results

Check historical accuracy in just a few clicks. We’ve made it easy to backtest and evaluate model performance. With Indicio, you can create previous forecasts and compare them against actual outcomes.

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