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Data Web API

Industry-leading API, collection within seconds of data release and synced to update features including point-in-time attributes

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  • Functionality

    • REST-based protocol
    • GET/POST requests
    • Unlimited calls
    • Python library and Github repository
  • Usability

    • 33 API endpoints
    • Response in JSON format
    • Dynamic documentation
    • Swagger
  • Security

    • Secured authentication token
    • Dedicated entitlement system
    • Embedded compliance
    • Feedability rights from source



Access real-time data through powerful file transfer connections

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  • Functionality

    • Updates pushed in realtime
    • FTP or HTTP protocols
    • Full history pushed once a week
  • Usability

    • Access via portal
    • XML format
    • Changes to status available on demand
  • Security

    • SSL encryption
    • Generated from dynamic criteria or fixed list
    • Embedded compliance
    • Feedability rights from source
Client portals & dashboards
Business intelligence tools
Trading tools

Python library

Our Python library provides a unified API for both the Macrobond web and desktop data services. Effortlessly extract time series data into a Python DataFrame and modify query parameters with ease. No need for authentication procedures, defining multiple functions or converting JSON responses into preferred formats.
Macrobond Python library
Macrobond Python library
Macrobond Python library
Step 1


Generate your data universe. Subscribe to Macrobond Data+ and use our Desktop API* to extract and manipulate an unlimited number of time series at a fixed, low cost.Leverage the power of our Python library to enhance data extraction and manipulation capabilities.
Step 2


Refine your data set. After narrowing down to a specific set of time series for production—those that will be systematically downloaded and updated—use our Data Web API update methods to poll at regular intervals and receive data updates with minimal latency.
Step 3


Integrate data into your workflow. Use our Data Web API** to incorporate the selected time series into your database or models. Our Python library allows for seamless access and data integration.

Render (pull)

Chart server

Programmatically generate up-to-date Macrobond charts and corporate stylesheets for seamless publishing to webpages, mobile apps or automated reports.

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Technical specifications

  • Output format: SVG and PNG
  • Rendering protocol: HTTP real-time updates
  • Operating system: MS Windows Server with .net framework 4.7.2+
  • Document access: API listing file and folder locations - JSON
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"You no longer need to have eight different data providers, and a specific package for analysis, and another one for charting. We find all of these things in one."
Francois Trahan
Trahan Macro Research
"Macrobond has been a game changer for my work as an Emerging Markets Strategist and Portfolio Manager."
Hong Hoang, PhD
Emerging Markets Debt Strategist
"Macrobond has truly been a transformative tool for me. But what stands out the most is their customer service. I genuinely feel that my voice as a customer is heard and valued."
Mauri Kotamäki
Chief Economist
Finnvera Oyj
"Collaboration is probably the key element of the Macrobond tool that makes our team stronger, more efficient, more effective."
Lauren Goodwin
Chief Market Strategist
New York Life Investments
"Try Macrobond. Your life as an analyst will be changed for the better."
Francis Tan
Investment Strategist
UOB Private Bank
"I’ve never experienced that Macrobond is not capable of delivering when I need data."
Andreas Steno Larsen
Founder and CEO
Steno Research
"Macrobond has been a total game change for the output of our research. It has cut the time we need to spend on creating charts significantly – at least 75%."
Cameron Dawson
Chief Investment Officer
NewEdge Wealth
"The fact that it combines both the database and the analytics engine is what is really key."
Mick Grady
Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist
Aviva Investors