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Feb 13
Feb 24, 2023

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Feb 13
Feb 24, 2023



As the Chinese economy reopens, we’re carefully scrutinising high-frequency datasets to track early impacts on the global economy. We’ve just added daily flight traffic statistics from VariFlight. The dataset covers flights on the Chinese mainland, flights to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and international flights. 

In the chart below, we track the number of international flights against the Oxford Stringency Index – a composite measure of government reponses to the pandemic, such as workplace closures and transit restrictions. The message is clear: since zero-Covid measures were unwound, the Chinese are traveling abroad more and more. 


We’ve expanded the coverage of the Indeed job-postings publication to include Japan. 

In the chart below, we display a measure of how the job market has changed since the pandemic. We show the industries that have the largest and smallest gains in job postings versus Feb. 1, 2020. Arts and entertainment, in particular, has boomed in the past three months.

United States 

We’ve added a new dataset from the US Census: the Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization (QPC). The dataset covers various sub-sectors of the US economy and includes questionnaire responses related to the main factors affecting a decrease in capacity utilisation, as well as the difference in capacity versus actual operations. 

In the chart below, we created a diffusion index across the 91 sectors, grouping them in brackets that reflect capacity utilisation at a given point in time. 

During periods of economic turmoil, capacity utilisation decreases across all sectors. For example, during the first quarter of 2009, 30 percent of industries were down to using less than half of their capacity – the highest proportion at any moment on our chart. Almost no industries were running at 90 percent-plus capacity. 

Interestingly, since 2021, a majority of US industries are running with capacity utilisation above 70 percent, as the orange line indicates. 

South Korea

We’ve added online job advertisement growth rates from Statistics Korea. The dataset is broken down by education and industry and is available in a weekly frequency. 

As such, it can be used as an early indicator of labour market conditions. In the chart below, we compared the period-over-period change of online job advertisements (inverting the axis) with the unemployment rate. Looking at the best correlation, it appears that this indicator leads unemployment by four weeks. 

Full listing


Ai Group Industry Index (replacement of discontinued series)

Country & Region > Australia [au, Region] > Surveys & Leading Indicators [surv, Category] > Business Surveys > Australian Industry Group > Australian Industry Index


Operated Flights per Destination – daily frequency 

Country & Region > China [cn, Region] > Transport & Communications [tran, Category] > Traffic > Air > Volume > Operated Flights


Government Benchmarks

Country & Region > Croatia [hr, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Government Benchmarks > Croatian National Bank


Trade-Weighted Exchange Rate Index Forecast (methodology change)

Country & Region > Iceland [is, Region] > Forecasts [fcst, Category] > Central Bank of Iceland


Turnover in Other Services

Country & Region > Italy [it, Region] > Trade [trad, Category] > Domestic Trade > Services Turnover


Indeed Hiring Lab, Job Postings Tracker

Country & Region > Japan [jp, Region] > Labor Market [lama, Category] > 🌎 International Sources > Indeed Hiring Lab [src_usindeed, Source] > Job Vacancy Statistics > Indeed Job Postings Indicator


Retail Fuel Prices

Country & Region > Jordan [jo, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Retail Fuel Price


Industrial Investments per Sector - Year 2024

Country & Region > Norway [no, Region] > Production [prod, Category] > Industrial Summary > Investments > Investment Year 


Expected Employment Survey

Country & Region > Poland [pl, Region] > Surveys & Leading Indicators [surv, Category] > Business Surveys > GUS > Business Tendency Survey > Services > Expected Employment

South Korea

Online Recruitment Change Rate

Country & Region > South Korea [kr, Region] > Labor Market [lama, Category] > Recruitment > Rate of Change

News Sentiment Index

Country & Region > South Korea [kr, Region] > Surveys & Leading Indicators [surv, Category] > Leading Indicators > Bank of Korea > News Sentiment Index


PLA Activities Around the R.O.C.

Country & Region > Taiwan [tw, Region] > ESG [esgc, Category] > Socio-Political > Military > Water Activities > Total


Foreign Currency Deposit

Country & Region > Thailand [th, Region] > Foreign Finance [fofi, Category] > Foreign Currency Deposit

United States

Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization

Source & Release > United States [us, Region] > U.S. Census Bureau > Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization


Open Market Operations (OMO)

Country & Region > Vietnam [vn, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Other Rates > State Bank of Vietnam


ECB Harmonized Competitiveness Indicators

Source & Release > Euro Area [eu, Region] > ECB (European Central Bank) > Selected Releases > ECB Harmonized Competitiveness Indicators [rel_ecbexr, Release]

ECB Nominal Effective Exchange Rate of the Euro Against Broad EER Group of Trading Partners

Source & Release > Euro Area [eu, Region] > ECB (European Central Bank) > Statistical Data Warehouse > Euro Area [eu, Region] > Exchange Rates > Effective > Nominal Effective Exchange Rate > Broad EER Group of Trading Partners (Fixed Composition)


Euro Area Supply, Transformation & Consumption of Gas (Monthly)

Source & Release > EU [eueu, Region] > Eurostat > Extended Database > EU 27 (without United Kingdom) [eueu27_2019, Region] > Environment & Energy > Supply, Transformation & Consumption of Gas - Monthly Data

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