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May 20
May 31, 2024

Rail Freight surge in Denmark and Leading indicators in South Korea

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The latest data additions for May 2024 feature new rail freight statistics from Denmark, showcasing its role as a key transit hub, and expanded coverage of industrial shipments in South Korea, highlighting electronic components as leading indicators for global trade.
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May 20
May 31, 2024



Rail freight statistics have been added from Statistics Denmark. The dataset is broken down by type of transport and includes domestic freight, international freight, and transit.

The chart below displays the evolution on a year-on-year basis of the total rail freight, with the transportation types’ individual contributions presented in stacked columns. Denmark’s railway system is connected to Germany and Sweden and serves as a hub for rail freight between Continental Europe and the Nordics. This is emphasized in the chart where transit appears as the main driver of railway freight.

South Korea

We’ve complemented our coverage for industrial shipments with the addition of selected electronic components shipped domestically and internationally. Items include, among others, semiconductors, computers & peripheral equipment, electronic components, and more.

We displayed selected electronic items in the 2nd pane of the chart below, transformed on a year-on-year percent change and smoothed by applying a 3-month average. On the first pane, we calculated a cross-sectional average of these four items and compared it with an indicator of global trade from CPB – a Dutch institute. We found that the cross-sectional average had the highest correlation with the CPB indicator when it is pushed forward by 2 months, suggesting that it can be used as a leading indicator for global trade evolution.

Full listing


Rail Freight 

Country & Region > Denmark [dk, Region] > Transport & Communications [tran, Category] > Rail Freight > Capacity]


Corporate Goods: Exports Price Index

Country & Region > Japan [jp, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Export/Import Prices > Export Price Index > Corporate Goods

Corporate Goods: Imports Price Index

Country & Region > Japan [jp, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Export/Import Prices > Import Price Index > Corporate Goods

Corporate Goods: Producer  Price Index

Country & Region > Japan [jp, Region] > Prices [pric, Category] > Producer Price Index > Corporate Goods

New Zealand

Foreign Trade, select items at 8 digits HS level

Country & Region > New Zealand [nz, Region] > Trade [trad, Category] > Foreign Trade > Export & Import > Commodities > HS Chapters


Medium-Term Forecast Publication (Central Bank of Russian Federation)

Country & Region > Russia [ru, Region] > Interest & Exchange Rates [rate, Category] > Policy Rates > Central Bank of the Russian Federation


Excessive Deficit Procedure, by sector 

Country & Region > Sweden [se, Region] > Government & Public Finance [gpfi, Category] > Debt > General Government > Excessive Deficit Procedure > By Sector  

Municipal Housing Companies & Private Bodies, Unlet Dwellings

Country & Region > Sweden [se, Region] > Construction & Real Estate [cons, Category] > Real Estate > Real Estate Stock > Inventory > Statistics Sweden (SCB) > Overall 

South Korea

Industrial Production, Shipments for selected electronic items

Country & Region > South Korea [kr, Region] > Production [prod, Category] > Industrial Summary > Shipments > Export & Domestic Market


Domestic Tourism, Guest arrivals

Country & Region > Thailand [th, Region] > Tourism [tour, Category] > Guest Arrivals

Domestic Tourism, Occupancy rate

Country & Region > Thailand [th, Region] > Tourism [tour, Category] > Occupancy Rate


Futures: SGX Baltic Container Freight Route 

Futures > Futures - Continuation Series > Freight > Shipping > Singapore Exchange (SGX) > SGX Baltic Container Freight Route FBX01 [sec_sgx_cx01f, Security]

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