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May 31, 2023

Macrobond celebrates its 15th anniversary

The journey to a single source of truth
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Fifteen years ago, Macrobond was founded with a vision to provide a single source of truth for economists, strategists and analysts around the world.

Today, Macrobond provides the world’s broadest macroeconomic database, offering almost 300 million time series – alongside the tools and technologies to quickly analyse, visualise and share insights from a single integrated platform.

From our roots in Sweden, our journey has taken us around the globe – and our team has grown from just 18 people to 240. We’ve opened hubs in New York, London and Hong Kong, supporting customers in every time zone at all hours of the business week.

We’ve quickened the pace of innovation over the past two years. We launched our Data Feeds business, created Macrobond Viewer in partnership with Aviva Investors, and developed best-in-class features such as Chart Server and Revision History – a powerful tool enabling “time travel” with data.

Most recently, we have stepped up our collaboration with Indicio, allowing users to harness the power of machine learning and chart super-forecasts directly on Macrobond’s platform.

These innovations empower macroeconomic professionals to make more informed investment decisions, more quickly.

With Macrobond’s world of intelligence at their fingertips, our customers now span 800 firms around the world. This is not just a user base, but a community whose feedback, engagement and enthusiasm help us improve the Macrobond experience every day.  

Thanks to our community, we’ve posted eight consecutive record quarters of growth, with a ninth in sight. Our annual contract value has grown 32 percent over the last twelve months.

Tomas Liljeborg, chief executive officer, said: “As we celebrate our 15th birthday, we want to say thank you to all of our customers, former and current colleagues, and partners for joining us on this incredible journey. The best is yet to come!”

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