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March 7, 2021

Macrobond opens Stockholm office to meet demand from Nordic customers

Stockholm office is the seventh global location
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Macrobond Financial, a leading provider of economic and financial intelligence, announced today that it has opened an office in Stockholm to meet the growing demand for its data, analytics and collaboration tools from the Nordic regions.

Founded in Malmö in 2008, Macrobond delivers the world’s most comprehensive macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data to more than 4,000 economists, analysts, portfolio managers, quants and strategists across 500 organisations worldwide. The platform’s integrated tools enable them to quickly find, analyse and visualise the data to gain strategically relevant insights and collaborate across their businesses to stay ahead of and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. 

Tomas Liljeborg, CEO of Macrobond, said: “The need for data and analytics to interpret global macroeconomic trends in order to make more informed decisions [and react to market events] has never been greater. As a result, we have seen increasing demand for our capabilities globally, with customers using our platform as a single source of truth across their organisations.” 

Macrobond serves around 200 customers in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, including the largest Nordic banks and asset managers, as well as government institutions, non-profit organisations and universities. Nearly half of them are based in Sweden. 

Stockholm is Macrobond’s seventh global location in addition to London, New York, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Szczecin and Malmö.

Liljeborg added: “I’m incredibly proud to announce the opening of our new office in Stockholm. A second office in Sweden is a natural expansion for us; it enables us to better serve our growing customer base across the Nordic region. This is an exciting time for our business and a clear testament to the relevance of our solution for today’s financial professionals.”

The Stockholm office opening follows the recent appointment of Chief Commercial Officer Howard Rees, who joined Macrobond earlier this year to deliver on the firm’s global growth plans to make macroeconomic intelligence more widely available for finance professionals.

Press contact

Sybille Mueller

Streets Consulting

About Macrobond

Macrobond is a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data for professionals including economists, analysts, quants, strategists, portfolio managers and asset allocators. Founded in Malmo, Sweden in 2008, its flexible SaaS solution delivers timely macroeconomic data from more than 2,500 sources, supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. Macrobond’s integrated analytical tools enable customers worldwide to quickly find, analyse and visualise relevant data. Automated workflows empower users to instantly share their insights, enhancing enterprise-wide collaboration and improving productivity.

For more information, please visit the Macrobond website, or follow Macrobond on Twitter and LinkedIn

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