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January 26, 2022

Demand for collaboration tools drives record sales at Macrobond as remote teams streamline workflows

Global macroeconomic data and analytical tools provider onboarded 120 organisations in 2021 amid product launches and new partnerships.
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Rising demand for macroeconomic data and online solutions that improve productivity and workflows helped Macrobond increase net sales by a record 62 per cent in 2021, with average recurring revenue growth of 22 per cent.

The Swedish company, a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector data for finance professionals, attributed its growth to the introduction of new collaboration tools, including those created in partnership with customers, that support the needs of remote teams striving to work more effectively together. 

In the past year alone, Macrobond launched a web API data feed that gives users access to millions of datapoints in real time and on demand; partnered with Aviva Investors to create a platform providing live access to dynamic charts created by in-house economists and researchers; broadened  its high-frequency datasets to more than 36 million time series; and partnered with FactSet to provide unparalleled insights into global equity markets via a database of factor insights and consolidated data from more than 70,000 securities across 127 countries. 

Howard Rees, Chief Commercial Officer, Macrobond, said: “At Macrobond, we are constantly evolving our offering in response to customer needs. Some of the big themes we saw last year were the move to hybrid working models, huge pressure on costs and the continuing trend of firms wanting to move away from Excel due to inefficiencies and keyman risk. With more people working remotely because of the pandemic, we knew we had to help them collaborate effectively, and with salaries rising across the board, increasing efficiency became a key focus for many firms. Effectively, the market evolved to a place where Macrobond’s productivity and workflow solution was the obvious choice. We are happy to be able to help both existing and new customers work better.”

In 2021, Macrobond onboarded 120 organisations globally – including some of the world’s largest banks, asset managers and owners, research houses and government institutions – with Asia Pacific and the US seeing significant growth. 

Cameron Dawson, Chief Market Strategist, Fieldpoint Private in New York, said: “I started using Macrobond in August of 2021 and it has been an absolutely incredible experience at improving the efficiency of our research output. Where it used to take us hours to update our big slide decks – where we would have to pull data from other sources, put it into Excel and format the charts – we can now do that in one click, allowing us to cut that time and chart-making by at least 75%. Now we're able to work as a team to create, build out and update our chart library; it's very seamless and direct and allows us to work together in a much more efficient way.”

About Fieldpoint Private

Fieldpoint Private provides personalized, confidential wealth planning and private banking services. Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with offices in New York and throughout the southeast, the firm has more than $1 billion in bank assets and $5 billion in wealth management assets. Catering to successful individuals, families, entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions, it offers a reciprocal combination of wealth management and strategy, family office, private banking and business banking services. 

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