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March 31, 2022

Macrobond sales soar to new record as customers seek to make sense of a rapidly changing world

‍Global provider of macroeconomic and financial data and analytics announces 100% growth in sales for Q1 and ACV growth of +25% LTM.
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Markets and economies roiled by war, recession, inflation and an energy crisis are driving unprecedented demand for macroeconomic and financial data, helping Macrobond double year-on-year sales in the first quarter.

The Swedish company, a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector data for finance professionals, has been expanding its offering as customers demand increasingly wide-ranging and up-to-date data.

Tomas Liljeborg, CEO, Macrobond, said: “The start of 2022 has been very different to what we had anticipated. Inflation is soaring, volatility has returned to financial markets and the war in Ukraine will likely dampen global growth and worsen inflation over the next year. This has had a significant impact on the type of data our customers need, and we’ve had to move quickly to meet their changing demands.”

Macrobond recorded a +300% increase in downloads of Russia data in February compared to the same period a year earlier, while downloads of global inflation, trade and high-frequency data all rose by more than 50% amid continued supply chain disruptions. Demand for commodities data increased by more than 30% as sanctions against Russia and the Ukraine conflict hit energy markets.

Howard Rees, Chief Commercial Officer, Macrobond, said: “Setting such strong sales numbers is obviously great for everyone in the company who has worked so hard, but what is especially gratifying is to see some of the strategic bets that we took in past years starting to pay off. Our investments in emerging market and US data have produced a huge return, with the Americas and APAC teams both smashing their targets. Another trend we have noticed is that more and more of our clients are combining our different desktop products with the web API to create bespoke workflow solutions.”

About Macrobond

Macrobond is a leading provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data for professionals including economists, analysts, quants, strategists, portfolio managers and asset allocators. Founded in Malmo, Sweden in 2008, its flexible SaaS solution delivers timely macroeconomic data from more than 2,500 sources, supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. Macrobond’s integrated analytical tools enable customers worldwide to quickly find, analyse and visualise relevant data. Automated workflows empower users to instantly share their insights, enhancing enterprise-wide collaboration and improving productivity.

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