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Your gateway to the world’s most extensive macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector data

Macrobond Data


  million macroeconomic,
financial and sector times series from 2,000+ sources and 400+ countries/regions

Macrobond macronomic factor

Rapidly growing set of 200 million feedable series and counting

Macrobond Statistics

True-to-source raw data with links back to the original source

Macrobond Statistics

Flexible data frames that follow industry-standard open specifications for data delivery

Instant access via Web API

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We deliver data to you in two ways

Macrobond, Powerful FTP Connection


Our industry-standard APIs enable you to collect data within seconds of release. Access and run tests on millions of data points using API calls in your production environment

Retrieve the time series of your choice directly from our server

Analyse the data in JSON format via any statistical application or programming language, including MATLAB, R, Python, Java and C#

Use our rich metadata sets to refine your queries by connecting the dots from one concept, methodology or region to another

Macrobond, Flexible API Gateway

FTP/SFTP connection

Access continuously updated data through our powerful file transfer connections

Quickly retrieve large amounts of static data

Access raw data and metadata in XML format

Capture and organise every data and metadata point in the database and language of your choice

Data plans tailored to your needs

Packaged content sets

Subscribe to one or more workflow and
content data packages
  • Pre-determined research or investment strategy

  • Workflow-based (e.g. nowcasting) or
    content-based (e.g. ESG) strategies

  • Substantial number of time series (> 1m)

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Pay as you go

Access Macrobond’s full database via
an annual data allowance scheme
  • Frequent universe changing

  • Testing new strategies

  • Insubstantial number of time series (< to 1m)

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