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June 21, 2023

Macrobond 1.27

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Setting to show label for last year

There is a new setting called “Prefer last year” that will tell the application to prioritize showing a label for the last year in the case where every year is not included on the x-axis.

In the chart below, every odd year is used for the labels due to this setting.

Macrobond users can access the chart here.


Setting for "Start at shortest" and "End at shortest" in Index Builder

The new settings for starting or ending the calculation when the shortest series starts or ends simplifies some scenarios when using the Index Builder.

Metadata about actual sampling observation date for Cross-sampling

The date of the observation is added as metadata to the series in case the “Last common” or “Value at” methods are used in the Cross-sampling analysis.

This can be used in charts to get automatic texts. In the example below, the text “{s .ObservationDate}” has been used as the default legend text.

Macrobond users can access the chart here.

New method to calculate levels after differentials in Regression analysis

In the Regression analysis there are nowt wo different ways to calculate the levels after first order differentials have been used:

  • Legacy – add the differences to the dependent series
  • Aggregate – aggregate the differences

Include only periods with data in all series in Slice analysis

The new setting in the Slice analysis called “Include only periods available in all series” will exclude periods that are not available in all series. A common use case for this feature is to exclude the leap year of daily series.

Without this setting, the leap year will result in a gap in the graph as can be seen in this example:

With the new setting February 29th will not be included:

Macrobond users can access this chart here

TrimMean formula function

The TrimMean takes a series and calculates the mean value by excluding the highest and lowest values. The number of values to exclude is specified as a percentage (0-100) or the total number of values. An equal number of values are removed from the top and bottom tails.

New methods Standardize and Trim mean in Cross-sampling analysis

In the Cross-sampling there is a new method called Standardize.

This is calculated as the mean divided by the standard deviation.

The new Trim mean method corresponds to the formula function covered in the previous section.

Application features

Filter by frequency for all database types

The filter by frequency in the list of series in the data browser now works for all types of data bases and not just the ones provided by Macrobond.

Configure what document events result in Windows notifications

You now have even more fine control over what document events that are shown as Windows notifications.

Event notification status in status bar

If the document event notification is not working, there is a symbol in the status bar. This can be the case if the required servers are blocked in a firewall. See the deployment guide for requirements.

You can click on the icon to bring up a dialog, where you can send the error message to our support team that can help rectify this.

Actions are opened as Preview documents in Analytics

Actions that you find in the Action bar after selecting one or more time series, such as Line chart, will now open as Preview document in the Analytics activity, unless you are in the Browse activity. Previously they were always opened in the Browse activity.

Our long-term goal is to remove the Browse activity.

Chart in series tooltip

When you hover the mouse of the title of a series in the database view, the tooltip will show a line chart of the series.

Option to replace all discontinued series

The new button “Automatically select alternative series” in the dialog for replacing discontinued series will select the replacement series.

If there are several suggestions for a series, you will still have to make a selection.

Support for revision history in Web API Series Provider

The Web API Series Provider allows the Macrobond application to connect to your internal data sources. We have now also added support for accessing revision history that you have stored internally. Please see documentation here.


  • Add option to set missing value representation when copying Excel dataset from MB app.
  • Performance enhancements and reduced memory footprint.


You can begin installation directly within the application. Either by clicking on the yellow banner that appears in the application, or by going to Help|Check for update in the menu of the Macrobond application.

If updating requires involvement from your IT department, please see the instructions provided here.

If you have asked us to contact your IT department directly, an email with information about upgrading to the latest version will be sent to your IT contact person. You are always welcome to contact the Macrobond team if you have any questions.

Changed requirements

  • This version of the Macrobond application requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later.
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