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September 14, 2010

Macrobond 1.1

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Macrobond has today released a new version of the Macrobond Application! Our ambition is to offer a new generation of charting and analytical application with global content. We will accomplish this by keeping the highest pace of product development, utilizing new technologies and by working in close cooperation with our users.

The new version of Macrobond can be installed directly in Macrobond by clicking the yellow line that appears on the screen or by going to Help > Check for Update. If you need assistance, a description of how to upgrade is provided by the IT-department, which may be found here. Simply click Upgrade for further instructions.

Selection of new functionality

Major new features

  • With the new Regression analysis tool you can analyze the relationship between a dependent series and one or more independent series. The analysis produces the estimated series and optionally a series with the estimation error.
  • There is also a report containing the estimated coefficients and some statistics.
  • There is a new feature for charts called “Fill range”. You can select a set of date ranges and a color for each range. These ranges will be colored in the charts. The list of dates supports Copy/Paste.
  • You can now do Copy/Cut/Paste in the Save/Open file dialog in order to copy files and directories.
  • There are now three modes for the layout of the chart legend: Multiple columns (default), One column and Flow (the old behavior).
  • For Table presentations, you can now select “Copy special…” and create your own settings defining your preferences on how data is copied, such as orientation and date format.
  • New formula functions: Correlation, Pi, Rsi, AggregateSum, AggregateProduct.

Other changes

  • If there is only one graph in a chart, the graph title will be used as the automatic Main title. Previously, there was a legend with just one entry in this case. If you want to retain the older format, you can hide the Main title and the text will be in the legend.
  • Remembers the column width in the Series List.
  • Prints messages to the status bar when performing potentially lengthy operations.
  • Now includes the date of the rebase in the analysis description (the text in the legend).
  • Tweaked the Metafile format to work better in Office 2007/2010 when saving as PDF. Among all the PDF converters we have tested, the one built in in Office 2007/2010 works best with Macrobond charts.
  • Exponential moving average in Smoothing is now changed to use the Length parameter as number of observations using the formula alpha=2/(n+1).
  • There is a context menu in the Series List with Copy/Cut/Paste.
  • The Refresh button in the Excel add-in now works also if you have Excel chart sheets in you workbook.
  • The list of currencies in the Series List and Excel add-in now shows a tooltip with a longer text for each currency.

Selection of new content

  • The MSCI Enhanced Index module is now available in the Macrobond application. The MSCI Enhanced module includes market caps and ratios at the country and regional level. Ratios include P/E, Return on Equity, Dividend Yield, Price to Book among others and also estimate based items such as 12 month forward P/E. Regions covered include Developed Markets, Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific. The MSCI Enhanced Index module includes daily and monthly data with full access to the history since the index inception.
    Macrobond also provides the MSCI Index Module which covers MSCI’s global universe of equity indices. The MSCI Index Module is included with Macrobond’s core product offering meanwhile the MSCI Enhanced Index is subscribed to separately.
  • Macrobond provide pricing data on a daily basis for more then 40 000 active companies worldwide. Price types include Close, High, Low, Open, Market Cap, Shares Outstanding and Volume. Macrobond has recently also added Total Return and Dividend Adjusted Return. The data can be found in the Equity Prices view. Users can also calculate Total Return and Dividend Adjusted Return by selecting the company and by using the Company Action in Browse.
  • The Economics by Source view offers a unique way for searching data by source and release. For large releases Macrobond can now also offer its clients to access the data in the same order as within the actual release. An example of this is Economics – by source > National Association of Realtors (NAR) > Existing-Home Sales.
  • Macrobond is continuously expanding its data coverage with new and relevant data sets and upon request. Currently we are extending our data with in-depth data for US, UK, Germany, France, Poland and China.
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