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May 5, 2010

Macrobond 1.0

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Macrobond is happy to announce that we today released a new version of the Macrobond application. Our goal is to continue to rapidly expand and develop our application much based on client feedback. A selection of news relating to data and functionality is included if you read on.

You upgrade in the application by clicking the yellow line that appears or by Help > Check for Update. A description about how to upgrade if you need help from IT-department is given on where you click Upgrade for further instructions.

Selection of new functionality:

  • Chart style sheet editor – Creating and saving style sheets is now a separate function which you will find among the Action tabs to the left in the application.
  • Storage of style sheets – Style Sheets can now be stored locally or on our servers (in either your personal or company account) and accessed from there.
  • Printer selection – Added choices for print properties with Landscape / Portrait and also the ability to choose your printer in the Macrobond application instead of automatically going to the Windows Default Printer.
  • Simple formula language – In the series list you can now use +, -, *, /, parenthesis and numerical constants.
  • Chart annotations – using text boxes and drawing
  • The Real Time Data (RTD) function which retrieves data directly from the Macrobond database in real time in Microsoft Excel.

Selection of data added recently:

  • MSCI Index Module – The Index module includes Price and Total Return (Gross and Net) for Developed, Emerging and Asia Pacific markets. They are available with a daily and monthly frequency and with full history.
  • Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States – Quarterly statistics from the Federal Reserve with history back to 1945.
  • Quarterly statistics from Federal Reserve with history back to 1945
  • Commitment of Traders Report – The report is published by the CFTC, which is a US government entity. CFTC data includes the COT report, CIT report and disaggregated report.
  • Hours worked per sector for Sweden – Hours worked (ESA95), working day and seasonally adjusted by industrial classification published by SCB.
  • Danish house price data – Sourced from Association of Danish Mortgage Banks.
  • Private Equity index series from LPX – The LPX indices are widely used to track the performance of listed alternative asset classes and for benchmarking actively managed portfolios.
  • Euro area bank lending survey – The survey addresses issues such as credit standards for approving loans as well as credit terms and conditions applied to enterprise and households.
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