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H2 2022: What investors should expect

May 30, 2022

Macrobond customers chart their predictions for the second half of the year. Updated daily.


What’s next for global trade? Using Indicio to create a forecast

May 10, 2022

Our model predicts stagnation until at least early 2023.

Economic indicators

All in it together? Eurozone nations provide wildly different inflation forecasts for the bloc in wake of Ukraine war

April 28, 2022

FocusEconomics guest blogger Oliver Reynolds shows how proximity to Ukraine and Russia affects predictions.

Real estate

Where is US real estate heading in 2022? A forecast from Indicio

March 31, 2022

We use Indicio's automated platform to predict the direction of one the world's biggest property markets.

Economic data

Banking: from zero to hero

February 16, 2022

Guest blogger Nicolas Tremel shows why banking is the best sector for leveraging the rebound in inflation.

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High frequency data

China eases monetary policy as the rest of the world tightens

February 15, 2022

Guest blogger Amir Khan charts the reasons behind the PBOC's actions.

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Financial markets

Why you should care about turmoil in Kazakhstan

February 2, 2022

We chart the economic consequences of the Central Asian country’s unrest.

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Financial markets

The post-pandemic future looks brighter for the UAE

January 18, 2022

Economic indicators point to a rosier near-term outlook for the United Arab Emirates.

Economic data

OPEC, debt and miasma

January 17, 2022

Guest blogger Giyas Gokkent charts the impact of Covid-19 and oil demand on commodity exporters.

Economic data

US boom, euro gloom?

January 11, 2022

We chart the diverging fortunes between the US and the euro area.

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