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Middleburg Communities

Middleburg Communities' Data Transformation with Macrobond

Middleburg Communities' adoption of Macrobond streamlined their data analysis processes and significantly improved their forecasting capabilities, teamwork and presentation quality. Macrobond’s comprehensive solution has become an integral part of Middleburg's success in the competitive real estate investment market.
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Middleburg is an investment firm focused on the acquisition, development and management of attainable rental housing. With a commitment to maximizing value through an integrated approach, they needed a robust analytical support system for strategic and tactical C-level decisions.


Middleburg’s research team, Chief Economist Dr. Brad Case and Director of Research Mitch Bollinger, depended on third-party forecasts and data sourced directly from FRED, the Federal Reserve Banks and numerous other sources. The laborious process of data aggregation, complex Excel computations, and chart updates was a significant drain on time and resources.


Since adopting Macrobond, “everything is easier”, and the team have access to more data than ever before.

“Sometimes I see a data point online that I didn’t even know existed. I look on Macrobond and most of the time it’s there. For example, I found the CPI Spot Shelter and was able to start comparing it to CPI Shelter. Having access to so much relevant data just makes us look smarter.” said Brad

Utilizing Indicio, Macrobond’s AI/ML forecasting partner, Middleburg now generates their own forecasts for key market conditions in 400 counties.

Brad also said, “Local market conditions are inherently uncertain, and using Macrobond and Indicio mean that we know how they're being forecasted and we know how much confidence we have in our forecasts. That’s just not possible with an off-the-shelf forecast, which tends to be a black box.”


  • Increased Collaboration. Sharing findings and analysis with both internal and external partners became seamless, empowering the research team to support company goals more effectively through the integrated chart library.
  • Boosted Productivity. Automating updates for the Chief Economist’s presentation decks by cutting down preparation time from six hours to a single click. Refreshing all charts instantly eliminated tedium and stress.
  • Quality Visuals. Out of the box formatting tools ensured all charts were pixel perfect, enhancing presentations and reports.
  • Comprehensive Coverage. Despite being a lean team, Middleburg now delivers extensive analysis on a variety of topics more swiftly than before.

"I can’t imagine life without the system. We are a small team but we can produce great analysis covering a broad range of topics in a fraction of the time we used to take."
Mitch Bollinger
Middleburg Communities
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