What our customers say

Macrobond serves more than 500 customers globally, including some of the world's biggest banks and asset managers, government institutions and research houses.

Our tailored solutions provide world-class data and analytical tools to economists, strategists, portfolio managers, asset allocators and quantitative analysts - helping them work better as individuals, as a team and across their organisations.

Jens Nordvig, Founder and CEO, Exante Data, New York

Minimising errors. Jens explains why he relies on Macrobond to collect data from all over the world rather than doing it himself.

Flexible and responsive. Jens explains why Macrobond has been the perfect fit since he founded his company.

A one-stop shop for what you need. Jens explains why Macrobond is the most convenient solution for sourcing vast amounts of data.

Paul Hsiao, Global Economist, PineBridge Investments, Hong Kong

Timely COVID-19 data. Paul explains how Macrobond provided COVID data not found anywhere else to inform his portfolio decisions.

Availability of China data.  Paul explains how primary data from multiple Chinese sources helps him develop a compelling investment thesis.

Seamless integration into workflow. Paul explains how Macrobond has enabled him to replace unwieldy spreadsheets with elegant charts.

Jonas Thulin, Head of Asset Management, Erik Penser Bank, Stockholm

Instantly create models and forecasts.
Jonas explains how Macrobond enables him to instantly perform calculations and analyse any type of data.

Analyse and visualise a world of data quickly and easily. Jonas explains how the ability to visualise data creates transparency and builds trust with clients.

All the data you need to make informed decisions. Jonas explains how Macrobond’s wealth of data gives him the upper hand in understanding the markets.

"I think that Macrobond is superior to other databases in terms of data coverage, ease of use, and ease of processing. Also, the support service is very responsive and reliable, and it's like my important infrastructure. I think it is now indispensable for my research and analysis."

Daisuke Karakama, Chief Market Economist, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Macrobond user and client since 2021

“Macrobond is one of the data tools I use in my teaching and research projects. Its various features allow users of different levels and experience to find and inspect a wealth of macro data, metadata and point-in-time data. Macrobond’s Excel add-in and API access allows me to include data collection in my programming (R, Matlab, etc.). The support team is very responsive and eager to help and always finds an answer even to the most difficult question”.


Macrobond user and client since 2013

“The efficiency that Macrobond has brought to my work day cannot be understated. It has the data I want, I trust the integrity, it updates quickly and the user interface is intuitive. Macrobond can helpfully draw data from other data sources, including proprietary data along with interacting easily with Excel and PowerPoint. I regularly use the Macrobond presentation feature to build chart packs that are used as an important part of our investment process.”

Fixed income and currency strategist, Harbour Asset Management, New Zealand

Macrobond client since August 2020

“Macrobond not only has a great range of data and tools that facilitate our analysis, but also has been very helpful in adding new data or adjusting existing series where necessary. The ease of use and flexibility in downloading the data has also aided the productivity of our workflow.”

 CEO & Founder, Data and Analysis research platform, New York

Macrobond user and client since 2016

“Sometimes I can’t remember how I survived before Macrobond...”

Chief Economist, Asset Manager with $234b AUM, Zurich

Macrobond user since 2015, Client since 2014

“Macrobond has been very helpful for improving the productivity of our teams across economics, strategy and quant. The data analytics and charting capabilities are very powerful yet easy to operate. The add-ins with PowerPoint and Excel are hugely beneficial for streamlining processes and reducing time spent on maintenance. In quant, we utilise the ability of uploading our own time series to seamlessly integrate visualisations in slide packs with our coding packages.”

Head of Macro Quantitative & Derivatives Strategy, Asset Manager with $690m AUM, London

Macrobond user since 2015, Client since 2014

“We have been enthusiastic users of Macrobond for the past five years. We think it is the outstanding product in this space, combining a vast array of data sources, a powerful analytical engine, and a range of customisable data visualisations. Having this within a single, user-friendly platform allows us to more efficiently produce high-quality insights for use in our investment decisions. Moreover, the support team is always at hand to rapidly respond to data enquiries or product support questions. I would highly recommend the product to anyone wanting to enhance their economic and financial market research capabilities.”

Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Asset Manager with $400b AUM, London

Macrobond user and client since 2015

"I wonder if I have ever gotten as good a service as I’ve received after I moved to Macrobond. A great product and great service."

Chief Economist, Investment Bank, Helsinki

Macrobond client since 2012

“This autumn, we switched to Macrobond. The transition is progressing very smoothly, and all users are delighted by the intuitive tree structure of the database. The real and long-term benefits are the built-in modelling features, no mathematical coding limitations, and ticker code integration with Bloomberg. Further, we have been able to move complex procedures between Excel and R directly into Macrobond. Clearly, our productivity has gone up, and we are convinced that we will be better positioned for future research demands. I can now state that my FX and oil models have never been better. Thank you Macrobond.”


Clients since October 2020

“When our previous subscription was up, we shopped around. I liked Macrobond instantly. It really is critical to have software that can visually show our ideas, whether those are charts, tables or data. With one click in Macrobond you can update everything and send it out easily. Another benefit is when working with the team. I’m in Hong Kong and my boss is in New York so having a shared drive that lets us see each other’s edits is great to have.”

Economist, Asset Manager with $90b AUM, Hong Kong

Macrobond user and client since 2018