Macrobond's Python Library

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Shorten the journey from research to production

Our Python library exposes a common API for the Macrobond web and desktop data APIs. This means you can use simple queries to extract time series into a Python data frame and manipulate these queries' arguments – without needing to worry about authentication, defining multiple functions, or formatting the output from a JSON response in the desired way.

Step 1


Generate your data universe. Subscribe to Macrobond Data+ and use our Desktop API* to extract and manipulate an unlimited amount of time series, for one low, fixed cost leveraging the power of our Python library.

Step 2


Once the universe has been reduced to a set of time series designated for production, i.e. systematically downloaded and updated, use Macrobond's Data Web API update methods to poll at regular intervals and receive data updates with minimal latency.

Step 3


Using your subscription to the Macrobond Data Web API**, feed the chosen time series into your database or models. Your scripts can access the Python library from Step 1 to do so.

*Licensing is per individual — data must not leave the individual’s desktop.
**Licensing is per team, department or enterprise — data can be compiled into a database using your yearly allowance of Unique Time Series.

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