Internal database integration

Direct access to your organisation’s own data in Macrobond’s platform

Analyse, visualise and share your own internal data via Macrobond without any uploading

Turn Macrobond into a one-stop shop for all your data and charting needs. Instead of uploading your own time series from Excel you can now create a direct connection to your internal data from the Macrobond platform via SQL or any other database type.

By combining your data with Macrobond’s vast collection of almost 300 million macroeconomic and financial time series, you can quickly and conveniently view, analyse and visualise your insights in minutes – without limit.

Integration options


Upload your time-series data from Excel and  access through Macrobond platform.


Use Macrobond as your front-end platform for accessing your internal time series, metadata and classification structure.

Web API Series Provider

Use Macrobond as your front-end platform for  accessing your internal data tree structure and time series.


Accessible data

Navigate your internal database quickly and easily. Macrobond enables you to search by text or metadata and organise your time series into logical data trees.

Up-to-date data

Any updates made to your internal data are  instantly updated in Macrobond, enabling you to always work with the latest  data.

Data security

Option to host or store your data locally or  on our secure servers that provide dedicated access to your organisation.

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