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Your window into the world’s most extensive macroeconomic, financial and sector data

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We offer three options for our data and analytics

All solutions give you access to our entire database of macroeconomic and financial time-series data.
Choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your teams.

Macrobond Core combines data with built-in analytics that enable you to quickly analyse the information, visualise your ideas, and share your insights.

Time series
Global sources
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Navigate and search quickly and easily with the industry’s most comprehensive metadata and logical data structure

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Instantly perform calculations or create models and forecasts with intuitive analytics and dynamic charting

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow including two-way connections to Microsoft Office and any internal or external database

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All the features of Macrobond Core plus access to unlimited data mining for your econometric and quantitative analyst teams.
Find, trust, then understand your data.

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Download an unlimited number of  time series to your desktop-based environment to power your backtesting

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Powerful APIs instantly pull your data into coding applications such as Python, R, MATLAB and EViews

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time-series data with revision history

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Provide live access to the thinking of your in-house experts with a library of dynamic, read-only charts created by your internal economic and financial research teams.

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Copy or download charts in seconds. Instantly share them by email, text or instant message.

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Fully compatible with Microsoft Office. Simply copy and paste your charts to documents and presentations.

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Each chart automatically updates with new data immediately after release. Click to update any time.

upgrade your analyses with add-on data sources

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Time series

Access global macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector data time series from over 2,000 global sources and 200 countries

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Chart types

Quickly create or update dynamic models, charts,  and presentations with powerful and intuitive tools

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Send your insights and visualisations to colleagues, clients and other stakeholders with just one click

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