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All the Data You Need

Included in the Macrobond platform you find the world’s 
most complete collection of economic and financial data. 

The Macrobond Collection

We’ve gathered economic and financial data time series from thousands of national and
global sources, and organized it in a way that is easy and inspiring to browse and use.

Economic Data

Balance of Payments

Commodities & Energy


Interest & Exchange Rates

Monetary Statistics



Banking & Credit


Govt & Public Finance

Labor Market

National Accounts



Business Statistics

Foreign Finance

Income & Earnings

Leading Indicators

ESG Data


Transport & Communication

Financial Data

Interest Rates

Policy Rates

Government Benchmarks



Exchange Rates

Equity indices

FX indices


Equity Pricing 

Equity Fundamentals

Browse data with pleasure and ease

Our data is organized in a way that is easy and inspiring to browse. You can find the data you need through three different points of entry. 

Know Your Data


Our content comes with extensive metadata which you can easily view and use dynamically in your charts. The following information is included for all data, where applicable:

Link to source

Last release




Next release

Seasonal Adj.

Index base



Start & end date

Source code

Data Quality

We run daily, automated accuracy checks and update continuously, following releases around the clock. This way, our data team ensures the highest standards of data quality and update speeds.

The Macrobond database is continuously growing

Add-On Databases

For users who have particular data needs, we offer the possibility of tailoring your data package on a per-user basis. We provide convenient access to a variety of commercial datasets, seamlessly integrated and automatically updated in Macrobond. Some examples below.

Data Integration

Integrate your in-house data, or data from other software together with our database and powerful analytics engine. It's also easy to integrate Macrobond's data with other analytics softwares.

Watch a Demo Video

Seeing the Macrobond platform in action is the best way to know how it can revolutionize the way you work. This might be your best 10-minute investment YTD.

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