Asset Allocators

Shorten the journey from data to strategy

Macrobond speeds up the process of researching, gathering, organising and analysing data across all traditional and alternative classes so you can make investment decisions with ease and confidence.

We bring you more extensive macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector data time series than any other provider – backed by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry.




Time series


COUNTRIES and major regions




Time series


COUNTRIES and major regions

Our open data and time series are rigorously organised and updated within seconds of release. We provide all data ‘as is’ from source, including links back to the originator, so you can see the methodology behind it.

Track performance across multiple markets and create investment models swiftly with our integrated analytics functions.

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Navigate, search and extract information quickly and intuitively. We continuously add new datasets to help you keep on top of market developments.

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Instantly visualise your thoughts, and update charts and presentations. Create basic econometric models without needing to code.

Key benefits

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Seamless integration

Fully compatible with a range of applications including Bloomberg, Microsoft Office, Python, MATLAB, R and EViews as well as internal and external databases.

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Simplified workflow

Search and analyse data from Macrobond and third-party providers including MSCI Enhanced Index Module and EPFR Fund Flows from a single platform.

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Stronger collaboration

Easily share insights, charts and presentations across your organisation so you can build on each other’s knowledge without having to start from scratch.

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Simplify workflows and collaborate with global teams

We strengthen your forecasts with more data than any other macroeconomic data provider.