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13 Sep 2019Macronote

U.S. Bond Yields and Recessions – a Historical Perspective

While much of the recent discussion about government bond yields has been focused on the immediate effects of current events, we’re taking advantage of the long historical data in Macrobond to take a different approach to the US economic outlook.


21 Dec 2018Macronote

Macrobond Market Map for the Euro area

Just in time for the holidays Roger has put together a new Market Map that covers the Euro area. Get a preview of what's in it here.

21 Sep 2018Macronote

A Macronote on the Yield Curve

In this week’s short Macronote, Roger decided to return to a subject he has touched upon many times before: ‘this time is different’. But when it comes to the feared yield curve inversion he actually seems to mean it.

24 Aug 2018Macronote

Li Keqiang Index

In this Macronote I thought I’d just give users the means to construct their own Li Keqiang index (LKI).

28 Jun 2018Macronote

Macronote #4

Introducing the Macrobond Market Map, and our last post for the summer

21 Jun 2018Macronote

Macronote #3

A monetary VAR model for Sweden (or sub for a country of your choice), with forecasts for inflation, GDP, and policy rates

19 Jun 2018Macronote

Macronote #2

A brief look at the positions of the ECB and the FED, and a few dot-plots

05 Jun 2018Macronote

Macronote #1

A new format Roger is trying out… spontaneous responses to market events and data releases. Interesting for all, but especially useful if you’re a user and can open all the charts in the application.