Your Overview of Data Additions

China Retail Trade by Enterprise

For China, we have added a breakdown of domestic retail trade. The new Key enterprise category has the Y/Y sales growth of retail merchandise by store type and type of goods. In the chart we compare the Y/Y growth for 2015 and 2017 for different types of goods.


Yiwu Commodity Indices

We’ve also added  new commodity indices for China. The Yiwu China Commodity Indices are weighted indices reflecting the trading conditions of consumer goods in China. The index is published by the China Ministry of Commerce and is based on the trade in Yiwu, a town in the Zhejiang region known for its rich wholesale market in consumer goods.


Singapore GDP forecast

For Singapore we have added the GDP forecast released by the Ministry of Trade & Industry. In the chart below, the high and low forecasts have been added to a graph of published GDP growth numbers.


Data additions by country/region

Data additions by country/region

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