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UK Critical Care Bed Capacity, and Other Data Additions

As confirmed cases of covid19 continue to exponentially rise in the UK, so does the demand for health services. This unprecedented global pandemic has hit many countries by surprise forcing governments to take immediate action. The utmost priority for countries suffering a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases is having an adequate hospital capacity to mitigate the crisis.

Just this week, we added data from the National Health Service in England (NHS) to the Macrobond database. The NHS publish statistics on a range of health and care subjects which, as stated by the source, are used to inform debate, decision-making and research both within Government and by the wider community. In this chart we used their data on hospital performance which includes statistics on number of critical beds occupied and available in the UK.

As shown in the chart, there were only 4,123 critical care beds available (as of January), while the number of confirmed covid19 cases have risen to almost 12,000 people (26/3 2020). This begs the question: if the number of confirmed cases keep growing at the exponential rate that we see in the chart, which will consequently lead to more patients to care for at the hospitals, will the hospitals in the UK be able to increase its capacity enough to care for all its patients?

Below is a list of all the data that’s been added to the Macrobond database in the past two weeks.

Data Additions by Country / Region


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