The Week Ahead in Charts – Week of June 1st, 2020

This is a live chart pack covering the macroeconomic data releases that we’re looking forward to this week. All of the charts below are published dynamically from Macrobond, meaning they’ll be automatically updated when new data is released.

Monday, June 1st

Monday IN Unemployment
Monday_ISM Manufacturing PMI

Tuesaday, June 2nd

Tuesday_Spain, Unemployment
Tuesday_Norway PMI
Tuesday_Switzerland, Domestic Trade, Retail Trade

Wednesday, June 3rd

Wednesday_Euro Area, Unemployment Rate, SA
Wednesday_Brazil IP
Wednesday_United States, ISM Non-Manufacturing, SA

Thursday, June 4th

Thursday_Turkey Total Consumer Loans
Thursday_Initial Jobless Claims
Thursday_BEA Trade Balance points to a large decline in tourism

Friday, June 5th

Friday_Germany, New Orders, Manufacturing Indices

Friday_US Phillips Curve
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