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Singapore Real Estate Index

Since 2004, Singapore has experienced significant growth in real estate prices. The years from 2004 to 2013 exhibited a long growth period which we divided into before and after the financial crisis. Growth in prices has again picked up following a period of price stagnation that occurred from 2013 to 2017. However, recent events are likely to immensely influence the Singapore real estate market, as the black swan of 2020, the coronavirus, hits financial markets and economies globally.

This data is a Singapore real estate price index from the Singapore Real Estate Exchange. It’s one of the series we’ve recently added to the Macrobond database, along with more data from this source (including property sales and resales of landed and non-landed real estate by region), and a significant amount of data from emerging economies and developing countries globally.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of data that’s been added to Macrobond in the past two weeks.

Data Additions by Country / Region

  • Australia

Estimated Resident Population by Country of Birth
Increased coverage of Merchandise Exports by State of Origin, by Country & Country Groups (FOB Value)
Increased coverage of Merchandise Imports (SITC 3 Digits)
Increased coverage of Merchandise Imports by State of Destination, by Country & Country Groups (Customs Value)

  • Bangladesh

Labor Force
Wages & Salaries

  • Benin

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • Bulgaria

Arrivals of Visitors from Abroad
Foreign Direct Investment
Household Income, Expenditure & Consumption
Trips of Residents Abroad

  • Burkina Faso

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • Burma (Myanmar)

Increased coverage of State Government Budget

  • Chile

Increased coverage of CPI
Increased coverage of PPI

  • China

Construction Costs, Taxes & Other Charges
Construction Income from Commercialized Building Sales by Region
Construction Income from Land Transfer by Region
Construction Income from Principle Business by Region
Construction Income, Other Income by Region
Construction Income, Profit by Region
Construction Income, Rental Income by Region

  • France

INSEE Nowcast Forecasts

  • Germany

Construction Completed by States & Regions

  • Guinea-Bissau

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • Hong Kong

Increased coverage of Central Bank Open Market Operations

  • India

Agricultural Insurance
Agricultural Credit & Loans Statistics

  • Indonesia

Prompt Manufacturing Index

  • Israel

Employee Jobs, By Sections & Divisions
Job Vacancies, By District
Increased coverage of Job Vacancies, By Industry
Increased coverage of Manufacturing, Indices, Original & Trend Data
Monthly Average Wages, By Sections & Divisions
Increased coverage of Population, By Population Group

  • Ivory Coast

Foreign Debt

  • Kazakhstan

Increased coverage of CPI
Increased coverage of Export/Import Prices
Retail Price Index
Wholesale Price Index

  • Laos

Population by Age & Sex

  • Malaysia

Assets of Life Insurance Companies, Global Business
Assets of Life Insurance Companies, Local Business

  • Maldives

Disbursed Outstanding Debt

  • Mali

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • Mexico

Expectations Survey

  • Mongolia

Average Monthly Wages
Industrial Sales

  • Niger

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (ECCB)

Central Government Operations
Commercial Banks’ Deposits
Commercial Banks’ Overdrafts & Loans by Maturity
Commercial Banks’ Total Loans & Advanced by Borrowers

  • Pakistan

Employed Persons by Industry
Employment by Occupation
Port Transport

  • Peru

Average Construction Prices in Lima
Average Consumer Prices in Lima
Average Wholesale Prices
Construction Price Index for Lima
Construction Production
CPI for Lima
Electricity, Gas & Water Supply
Machinery & Equipment Price Index for Lima
Wholesale Price Index

  • Philippines

Central Bank Income Statement
Family Income & Expenditure Survey
Tourist Expenditure

  • Poland

Other MFIs Loans to Non-Financial Corporations

  • Romania

Investment Funds
Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Assets & Liabilities

  • Singapore

Increased coverage of CPI by Detailed Classification
Electricity Peak System Demand
SRX Property Price Index
Increased coverage of Turnover of Government Securities

  • Sweden

Access to the Internet

  • Thailand

Increased Coverage of Central Government Budget

  • Togo

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt

  • West African Economic & Monetary Union (UEMOA)

Balance of Payments
Foreign Debt


  • China DXY (Lilac Garden Family Clinics)

Novel Coronavirus Real-time Tracker

  • Eurostat

Euro Area, Estate Agency Rent Surveys

  • OECD

Effective Carbon Rates (ECR) (Example for Sweden)
Trade in Employment (TiM) (Example for Sweden)

  • Parliaments & Governments Database


  • World Health Organization

Increased Coverage of COVID-19 Situation by Region

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