Continued expansion of Eurostat data – External Trade

External trade track the value and quantity of goods traded between EU Member States (intra-EU trade) and between Member States and non-EU countries (extra-EU trade). They are the official source of information on imports, exports and trade balance of the EU, its Member States and the euro area. External trade statistics are an important data source for many public- and private-sector decision-makers at international, EU and national levels. The statistical information is mainly provided by the traders on the basis of Customs (extra-EU) and Intrastat (intra-EU) declarations. Data are collected by the competent national authorities of the Member States and compiled according to a harmonised methodology established by EU regulations before transmission to Eurostat. Aggregated data are classified by Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) or the Broad Economic Categories (BEC).

The External Trade data is available in the Macrobond Application under:
Eurostat -> External Trade

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