New version of Macrobond released (1.1.90)

Macrobond has today released a new version of its research solution – the Macrobond application.

You can upgrade in the application by clicking the yellow bar that appears near the top or by Help > Check for Update. A description of how to upgrade if you need help from the IT-department is given here. Simply click Upgrade for further instructions.

Selection of new functionality

Logarithmic scale

The value axes can now show a logarithmic scale.

Hodrick-Prescott filter in Smoothing and formula language

There is now support for the popular Hodrick-Prescott smoothing method in both the Smoothing analysis as well as in the formula language.

Setting for the maximum detailed level of the time axis

The time axis tries to show as much detailed information as possible. The default setting will show year, month and day if there is room. With the new setting called “Detail limit” you can specify that the axis should not show days or months even if there is room.

Search for documents in File Open/Save dialog

You can search for documents by entering one or more words that will be matched against the document names. The search will be done in the selected folder and all sub folders.

Tip: If you search for “*”, then all documents in the current directory and all sub directory will be listed. You can use this to find documents that have recently been changed by sorting on the Last modified column.

Minor tick marks on the value axis and minor grid lines

You can now select to draw minor tick marks on the value axes. There is also support for minor grid lines on both the value and time axes.

Copy and paste of Time charts in Analysis tree

You can now copy a Time series analysis in the Analysis tree and paste elsewhere in the tree. In this way you can retain the settings of the chart.

“Move up” in Analysis tree

The “Move up” command on the context menu of the Analysis tree swaps the places of the selected analysis and the parent analysis. This can be useful when you want to change the order of some analyses.

The Command bar can be hidden

You can now hide the Command bar in order to get a bigger chart. Either click on the small up arrow on the Command bar or select “Hide command bar” from the View menu.

Tip: There is a useful keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+M, that toggles hiding/showing both the Command bar and the Series browser.

Several in-house Excel databases can be defined

Macrobond has always had a time series database called “Excel in-house series”. Now you can have more than one such Excel database. For instance, you can have one database with your personal series and one that you share with other users.
You define the list of databases in “Edit|Settings|My series”.

Export as PNG file

On the file menu there is a new command called “Export image…” that creates a PNG image of the current chart. This is useful when you need an image file to publish on the internet. Do not forget that in many cases you can also use the “Copy special…” command to copy bitmap images, which often requires fewer steps.

New option in Copy special for Microsoft Publisher

In the “Copy special” dialog of a chart, there is now an additional option, “unrestricted mode”, which works better together with some programs.

The current document can be attached when sending feedback

If you have a question about a specific document, you can now attach the current document in the “Send feedback” command on the help menu.

A new place to store documents: Library

In addition to “Personal account”, “Company account” and “My computer” there is now a fourth location where you can store documents called “Library”. This is provided by Macrobond on a company basis. All users in the same Company can open documents from Library, but only some users can save or change documents. This is useful when you have a few users that produce documents and more users that use them and that should not be able to change them deliberately or by mistake.

Performance optimizations of calculations

The calculation of documents containing several complex formulas can now be several times faster. We have also made the calculation of long moving averages much faster.

Selection of new content

Equity Indices from SIX

Macrobond has recently added equity indices from SIX Telekurs to the Macrobond Application. The indices reflect the market development of companies listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. Indices include the SIX General Index (SIXGX.SE), SIX Return Index (SIXRX.SE), SIX Portfolio Index (SIXPX.SE) and the SIX Portfolio Return Index (SIXPRX.SE). The SIX indices come with extensive history and go back as far as 1979.

The SIX indices can be found in the Macrobond Application under Economics – by country major > Sweden > Equity Market > Equity Indices > SIX.

Continuous expansion

Macrobond is continuously expanding its data coverage with new and relevant data sets. If particular series are needed, they may be added upon request.

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