Your Overview of Data Additions

Over the last two weeks we’ve added data for 21 different countries. From Mozambique, Zambia, and Oman, to New Zealand, Japan, and Russia to name a few. To get a good overview of all these different additions, we suggest you have a look at the full list at the end of this article, grouped by country or region. If you’re a Macrobond user, you can use the links provided to take you directly to the data in the application.

Below we’ll have a look at three charts to highlight specific additions. Remember, that as a user you can click on the charts to open them in the application. The benefit of doing this is that you can see exactly how the charts were built, and which calculations were used to get to the end result.

Being able to easily get a complete overview of any Macrobond documents is one of the things we like best about shareable charts. It makes collaborating on projects so much more efficient when everyone involved can easily locate the data that was used, see the steps taken, and which calculations were applied.

Enough about that, here are the charts.

Macrobond chart

Chart Notes: In this chart the bankruptcy series was disaggregated in the series list, and a reversed axis-scale used, to better illustrate the relationship between the series.

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Chart notes: Read more about the key take-aways, a discussion of the discrepancies between and within markets, as well as background information about methodology.

Data additions by country/region


IIP Assets

IIP Liabilities




Nonfinancial Corporations Debt

Sector Accounts, Households


Major Bonds Holding Structure

Number of Bond Investors by Custody

Number of Bond Investors by Market


Federal Government Finance

Money Supply




Flow of Funds Stocks


HDFC Bank Lending Rate

ICICI Bank Lending Rate

Net Foreign Institutional Investments


Gross National Income


International Transactions in Securities by Types of Investors – Debt Securities

International Transactions in Securities by Types of Investors – Total

International Transactions in Securities – Investor types totals

International Transactions in Securities by types of investors – Equity and Investment Fund Shares

Reserve Requirement Rate Change Adjusted


Industrial Production Index

New Zealand

Core CPI


International Reserve Assets


BondSpot Government Bonds Data


Banking Sector Credit Operations

Saudi Arabia

Automated Teller Machines Statistics

Bank Financed Imports

Crude Oil Export

Crude Oil Production

GDP per Capita

Gross Fixed Capital Formation

Merchandise Imports

Non-Oil Merchandise Exports & Imports

Points of Sale Transactions


Terms of Trade


Central Government Development Expenditure

South Korea

Inflation Perceptions


Barcelona Rental Housing Statistics – Prices

Barcelona Rental Housing Statistics – Available for rent

Barcelona Rental Housing Statistics – Volume

Labor Costs for Autonomous Communities


MFI’s Loans to UK Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises


Quarterly BOP



Cows' Milk Collection & Products Obtained, example UK


Dubai Economy Tracker

Mastercard Intelligence

Mastercard Index of Consumer Confidence


Estimated Number of Road Traffic Deaths

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