Press Release: Chief Economist to Join Macrobond

Macrobond, a company leading the shift towards more user-friendly tools for economists and analysts, is adding a Chief Economist to their team. Roger Josefsson is leaving his role at Danske Bank, as Chief Economist for Sweden, to join Macrobond. This change is a strategic step intended to integrate a user perspective at both the executive and operational levels.

User-focused product development

The mission at Macrobond is, and has been since the start, to develop solutions that help people work more productively, by understanding, and designing for the specific work-flows and tasks their clients face. It’s a challenging goal, given that change is not always welcomed with open arms. But, impressive growth, a 96% retention rate and positive feedback from users, suggest they must be doing something right.

With such a central user focus, hiring a chief economist was a natural progression for the company. However, finding the right person for the job proved difficult. It wasn’t until a discussion with one of their users, Roger Josefsson, that the possibility of finally filling the position really made sense.

In addition to his experience with the application, Roger has worked in both the public and private sectors, with everything from research, forecasting and policy, to communicating with clients and back again. He joins Macrobond after working at Danske Bank, as Chief Economist for Sweden.

Roger Josefsson timeline

Roger has firsthand experience of the way the industry is developing, and how user-needs are changing. It’s these insights that are so valuable in his new role. One example he mentions is the trend towards self-sufficiency he’s seen himself, “these days people are relying less on banks and research institutions, they prefer to do their own research”. Roger sees this as an area in which Macrobond is ideally positioned to offer innovative and relevant solutions for the way people work with data and analytics going forward.

Roger will be involved in this, and many other areas of development at Macrobond, when he joins them at their headquarters in Malmö, in August 2017.

About Macrobond

Macrobond offers a better way to work with economic and financial data. Macrobond solutions are designed and tested based on real user cases, and developed using the best possible technology. The flagship product, the Macrobond application, is a single platform that combines an extensive database with easy-to-use tools for analysis and smart data visualization. With the platform as a digital port, work-flow integration, and standardization across offices or teams is simple. The result is a powerful hub of data, tools and work product, seamlessly connected via the Macrobond application.

Macrobond clients include investment banks, central banks, ministries of finance, research houses, fund managers, hedge funds, corporates, consultancies and universities. Macrobond is an independent, privately-held company, with offices in Sweden, London, New York, Hong Kong, and Poland.

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