Your Overview of Data Additions

Poll data for the UK and Italy

The general election in the UK is coming up in less than a month, on the 8th of June 2017. If voting follows the polled intentions, the Conservative party is facing a potential landslide victory. This would substantially increase the slim majority of 17 they currently hold, an important development for May and her party leading up to their negotiation of the UK’s exit from the EU.

Macrobond chart

Given the growing popularity of the Italian populist party, the Five Star Movement, it is all but clear what will happen in the upcoming general election in Italy. Unlike the UK polls, there is no consistent or overwhelming front runner. The general election is scheduled to take place in June 2018, but both parties have urged that it be held earlier, pending the reform of an electoral law, requested by the president.

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Centa City Residential Price Index

In the chart below we’ve demonstrated how to create an early warning indicator, inspired by BIS methodology, using Residential Price Index data from Centa City, and an HP filter. In the bottom pane you can see the leading index as well as its HP filter.  In the top pane the HP filter (the trend component) has been subtracted from the index, showing only the cyclical component of the series. A simple formula was then applied to highlight the periods when the value exceeds the mean by one standard deviation.  Click on the chart to open it in the application, if you’d like to have a look at how we set it up.

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Taiwan enterprise bankruptcy data

In this chart we’re taking a look at the recently added bankruptcy data for Taiwan, which we’ve lagged by 5 months, effectively pushing it forward in time, and compared it to data on loans given to private enterprises.

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Vehicle registration data

In the last two weeks we’ve added vehicle registration data for a few emerging markets. In the chart below we take a look at registration of tour taxis in Bangkok, relative to tourism data.

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Data Additions by country/region

Bosnia & Herzegovina

CPI of Republika Srpska
Foreign Reserves of Central Bank
Monetary Aggregates


Central Government Budget
Central Government Debt

Hong Kong

Centa-City Leading Index
Labour Productivity Index
Nominal Effective Exchange Rate Index (Period Average)


Clearing Banks Prime Rate


General Election Polls




Interbank Lending Rate


New Vehicles Registration (STATEC)
Total Industry Gross Earnings


Central Government Debt


Industrial Production
Retail Trade


General Government Budget
Treasury Bills


Compensation Per Employee in Non-Agricultural Industries


T-Bill Average Rate


Bank Gross Lending Activity by Sector

South Korea

Total New Vehicles Registrations


Employment, Affiliation to Social Security System Detailed Data
Interbank Rate – 3 Month (Weighted Average)
Long-Term Central Government Bond
Portfolio Investment

Sri Lanka

Commercial Banks Prime Lending Rate
Domestic Credit
New Motor Cars Registrations
Number of Housing Approvals
Wholesale Price Index


Passenger Cars Registrations
Swiss Services PMI (Service Purchasing Managers’ Index)


Bankruptcies of Companies
Base Lending Rate
Loans by Category
Reserve Money


New Registered Vehicles in Bangkok


Britain Political Parties Elects
Trade in Goods Chained Volume Measures by Commodity


Unemployment Rate

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