Your overview of the data additions

This week we have a diverse selection of data additions to highlight:

  • Chinese e-commerce statistics
  • US bond price data from Treasury Direct
  • Sovereign bond holdings data from Bruegel
  • ENTSOE Transparency Platform (electricity)
  • Securities holdings statistics from ECB
  • The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report

Chinese e-commerce data

This data provides further insight into consumer behavior in China. On average e-commerce represents 14% of total retail sales. As you can see in the chart below, during 2015 and 2016 e-commerce peaked in November.

Macrobond chart

US bond prices

This data covers bid, ask and close prices, collected and compiled by TreasuryDirect. The data is updated on a daily basis, and published for every day the US market is open. Therefore, US holidays will not reflect a value.

Sovereign bond holdings

This data is collected and compiled by Bruegel, a European think tank in Brussels, specializing in economics. The data is sourced from national sources and covers sectoral holdings of sovereign bonds across twelve countries. For the most part data goes back to the nineties and is available at quarterly frequency.

Macrobond chart

Electricity Data for Europe

This data is provided by ENTSOE, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity. The data covers electricity consumption, prices and production. It is collected from TSOs, power exchanges or other qualified third parties, in an effort to facilitate transparency in the European electricity market.

Macrobond chart

Securities holdings statistics by sector

This data is collected by the European Central Bank and distributed as an aggregate of Euro Area 19. It is collected on a security-by-security basis, and provides information on securities held by Euro area resident sectors, broken down by instrument type and selected issuer countries.

The Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report

The Global Wealth Report is a comprehensive source of information on global household wealth. It provides complete estimates of wealth, covering all regions and the entire wealth spectrum. The report is released annually, and goes back to 2010.

Macrobond chart

Data additions by country/region


Average Monthly Nominal Wages

Volume of Trade Turnover


External Debt


Harmonized CPI Detailed Data


E-Commerce Retail Sales

Renminbi/FX Spot (Monthly)

Urban Depositors Price Expectations

Czech Republic

CPI Detailed Breakdown


Banks Deposits excluding CBE


Contribution to Growth of Some Factors to Companies Profit Rate


Total Import (Including C Hepatitis Medicaments)


Emigration Administrative Area

Immigration by Administrative Area

Net Migration by Administrative Area

Hong Kong

Real Estate Projects Number


Arrivals by Ports

Departures by Ports

Insurance Companies Balance Sheet

Insurance Companies Income Statement

Insurance Ratios


Foreign Trade of Services


Resident Foreigners by Administrative Area

New Zealand

Average Weekly Earnings Regional Breakdown

Births by Region

Deaths by Region

People Outside Labor Force by Education & Gender

Total Population by Region


Total Population

Sri Lanka

External Debt


Interest Rates (monthly)


Deposit Rates

Repo Rate


MAPI Industrial Outlook

TreasuryDirect Index-Linked Bonds Price Data

TreasuryDirect Nominal Bonds Price Data

TreasuryDirect Treasury Bill Price Data



Sovereign Bond Holdings

Credit Suisse

Global Wealth Report


Euro Area 19 Securities Holdings Statistics


Transparency Platform – electricity data

Portland State University

Chinn-Ito Index (Financial Openness)

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