Your Overview of Data Additions

Expanded Coverage of Emerging and Frontier Markets

Those of you who have been following the data additions news for a while now will know that this is a recurring theme. While we don’t always mention it in the news, expanding our coverage of emerging markets is an ongoing project for our data teams. The most recent additions saw a substantial increase in coverage for this segment, with data being added for Bolivia, Malawi, Mongolia, Georgia, India, and Armenia.

Macrobond chart

National-source data for Rwanda and Uganda

Data from national sources has been added for these countries, and will continue to be expanded over time. The first additions focus on the most relevant economic indices such as CPI, national accounts, and foreign trade, amongst others. View the complete list of indices that have been added (with links to the data in the application) for the two countries, at the end of this post.

Increased granularity for UK & Spain

More granular banking and credit data is now available for Spain and the UK. For Spain, the additions include balance sheet and flows, deposits and loans, and profit and loss data, for two additional MFI categories. For the UK, the focus was on BOE/FCA MLAR Mortgage Lenders & Administrators Statistics.

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Crowd-sourced cost-of-living data for European cities

Numbeo provides data from continuous, crowd-sourced inputs about, amongst other things, the cost of living. The data available in Macrobond covers European cities, and includes indices for the cost of living, rent, groceries, local purchasing power, and restaurant prices. It’s worth mentioning that New York has been used as a benchmark in calculating the indices, see the chart below for an example. You can read more about Numbeo’s methodology and calculations here.

Macrobond chart

Data by country/region


International Reserves


International Reserves


Central Bank of Brazil Monetary Policy Committee Meeting Schedule


PBoC Monetary Policy Committee Call Dates


Foreign Exchange Reserves


Flow of Funds

RBI Monetary Policy Committee Meetings Dates


Basic Figures on Fails






Foreign Trade Annual Data


Public Pension Base Rate (NAV)


Economic Activity


Balance of Payments 


Foreign Trade

National Accounts

Monetary Statistics

South Africa

Annual Balance of Payments


Balance Sheet & Flows of Credit Institutions, Deposit-Taking Institutions & Credit Financial Intermediaries

Deposit-Taking Institutions & Credit Financial Intermediaries Deposits & Loans

Profit & Loss Account



Foreign Trade

International Reserves

Leading Indicators

Money Supply

National Accounts


BOE/FCA MLAR Mortgage Lenders & Administrators Statistics 


Numbeo European Cities Cost of Living Indices

OECD ANA (example: Sweden)

Value Added & Its Components by Activity

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