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The recently added Trade Conditions Survey for South Africa is now available in the application. The main indicators are the trade activity and trade expectations indices, shown in the chart below. In addition to these indicators the survey also covers inventory holdings, new orders, backlog on orders received, supplier deliveries, input and selling-price movements, export and import activity of business, and job creation activities and prospects. The data is updated monthly, with new statistics for the month being released ten days after month’s end.

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FAOSTAT data added

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations provides detailed data on crops and livestock products, live animals and trade Indices. The data available in the application includes the following variables: export quantity, export value and export unit value, import quantity, import value and import unit value. The dataset includes all food and agriculture products imported and/or exported annually, by all the countries in the world. An example of the data can be seen in the chart below. As for how you interpret it, that probably depends on whether you’re French, Italian, or Spanish…

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Ipsos MORI Economic Sentiment Survey

We have increased our coverage of UK economic sentiment surveys to include this economic optimism index from Ipsos MORI, with monthly data available from 1978.

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Primary-source coverage for Belarus & Barbados

Work is being done on an ongoing basis to provide not only international-source data, but also primary-source data from more countries. Most recently we expanded our coverage of national sources to include data for Belarus and Barbados. The first additions cover a variety of key indicators, all of which can be accessed in the application under Economics – By country, or directly, by following the links in the list below.

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Data additions by Country/ Region


Annual Import

Annual Export


Balance of Payments

Foreign Exchange Reserves

Government & Public Finance

Import & Export

Industrial Production

Labor Market

National Accounts

Non-Performing Loans



Banking System Survey

Consumer Credit to Households

Central Government Debt

Foreign Debt


Job Vacancy Statistics

CPI Special Aggregates


Public Sector Credit

New Zealand

International Visitor Survey


Foreign Direct Investment


Average Wages Growth Index

South Africa

Trade Activity Index

Trade Expectations Index


INE International Trade in Service Survey


Ipsos MORI Economic Optimism Index

Scotland Residential Sales, Price Bracket


Census Annual Survey of Pensions

Longer Run FOMC Summary of Economic Projections for the Growth Rate of Real GDP

Median Hourly Wage


Dallas Fed Global Economic Indicators

Eurostat Harmonized Unemployment Rates (Example)

Eurostat Employees by Sex, Age & Economic Activity (Example)

Eurostat Employees by Sex, Age & Occupation (Example)

FAO Trade Indices

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