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Polling Data for Italy's constitutional referendum

On the fourth of December 2016, Italians will cast their vote for or against the constitutional referendum, intended to streamline the legislative process by drastically limiting the power of the senate in parliament. If the outcome of the vote is against these reforms, Prime Minister Renzi has said that he will resign – a clear opportunity for Italy’s largest opposition group, the Five Star Movement. Given the growing uncertainty surrounding the state of the EU, and the precarious state of the Italian economy, the outcome of this referendum will not be insignificant. As seen below, current polls have the two camps neck-and-neck, with a slight advantage for the Nos. With less than two months until the referendum, will the current government be able to rally the support it needs?

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More leading indicators and survey data for various countries

As the heading suggests we continue to expand our offering of the aforementioned data. A few highlights from our efforts include the IEACW monitor for the UK, leading indicator data for Mexico and Lebanon, as well as business tendency survey data for Israel.

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A special user request

Recently we received a request from a user who wanted a way to highlight the periods in the US during which the governing party was either Democrat or Republican. Our solution was to calculate a series in which 0 indicates a Republican president and 1 indicates a Democrat president. In this case, calculating a series allowed for more flexible use of the series – either as a fill range, as shown in the chart below, or for more advanced calculations. You’ll find a link to the data in the list at the end of the post.

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DG COMM Eurobarometer: Public Opinion Survey

We've made a substantial addition of data to this dataset in recent weeks. Many of you will be familiar with what it covers, but for those who aren't: The Eurobarometer is a bi-annual survey conducted by the Directorate of the European Commission. It surveys samples of the population from 34 countries (for a complete list see the metadata provided in the application). The purpose of the survey is to analyze the perceptions of citizens using questions covering a range of socio-political and economic topics.

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Data additions by country & region


Harmonized Unemployment Rate


Credit Rates

Interbank Rates

Money Supply

Retail Trade Turnover

Nominal & Real Wages

Unemployment Rate


GDP per Capita


GDP per Capita


Interest Rate Margins on Loans

Life Insurance

Owner-occupied Cost of Housing


Predetermined Short-term Net Drains on Foreign Currency Assets


Constitutional Referendum Poll

Gross Earnings per Employee & per Hour

Permanent, Temporary & Self-employed Employees


Business Tendency Survey


Balance of Payments


Break Even Inflation Rate

Measures of Underlying Inflation

MOF Business Survey


Coincident Indicator

Commercial Banks Deposits


Leading Indicator

New Zealand

Median Hourly & Weekly Earnings


Balance of Payments


Transfer of Property Rights

Spain Electricity Demand


ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor


Governing Party

European Commission

DG COMM Eurobarometer


Private sector debt (Sweden used as entry point example)

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