Your Overview of Data Additions

Will the US see a rates hike this year? Which country has the greatest labor freedom in Europe? And, just how is business confidence in the UK recovering after Brexit in June? Have a look at the selection of our latest additions to the database for insight into these and other questions. If you didn’t see Monday’s news, you’ll have missed that the entire JEDH database is now available in Macrobond. Read more about the addition here.

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Data additions by country & region


Regional Accounts: Output & Employment


Employees Liable for Social Security


New residential property index


Banks & Financial Institutions Assets

Electricity Production


Money Supply


Unemployment by region, registered (NAV)

Unemployment by occupation, registered (NAV)

Unemployment by region, registered & government (NAV)

Unemployment by occupation, registered & government (NAV)


Fiscal Data by State


Foreign Trade by Commodity Group (SPIN)


Lloyds Bank Business Barometer

Federation of Small Businesses, Small Business Index


FiveThirtyEight Presidential Polls-only Forecast

FOMC Dissents


The Heritage Foundation

Economic Freedom Index

OECD Corporate Income Tax Rates

e.g. OECD > Main Economic Indicators > Sweden > Public Sector, Taxation & Market Regulation > Taxation

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