JEDH Data added to Macrobond

What’s included in the JEDH addition?

The short answer: Everything. If that doesn’t suffice then here is some basic information you might find useful. JEDH is a collaborative effort from BIS, the IMF, OECD, and the World Bank to disseminate external-debt data from developed, developing and transition countries and territories. It enhances the transparency, timeliness and availability of external debt statistics and their metadata, to a global audience of users. The chart at the end of this post (Paris Club Claims – Top 20 Countries) provides you with an example of the type of data available, and can be clicked on to open it in the application.

How to find the data?

You can access the data from two different entry points. Selecting the JEDH database directly (as shown in the image below) gives you access to all the data grouped by country.

Macrobond application screenshot

Using By source as your point of entry, and navigating to JEDH in the tree, gives you access to the data primarily organized by indicator, and listed by country.

Macrobond application screenshot

Selected indicators from the JEDH will also be searchable via the By concept database in the near future.

Macrobond application screenshot

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