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2016 US Election-winner predictions

At this stage, news of the US general election is ubiquitous, seemingly more so than usual, if that’s possible. So if ever a data addition was au courante, this one would be the dictionary definition of the word: US election-winner data from PredictWise, producing a new prediction every
2-3 minutes (frequency is daily in the application). If you’re not familiar with PredictWise it’s good to know that they analyze individual level- markets,
polls, and historical- data (big data), with a primary focus on markets. For those of you who can’t stand the suspense, you’ll find the answer you’ve been
looking for in the chart below. Note that the example shows the probability of each candidate winning, rather than the margin by which they will win.

Macrobond chart


If you’ve trained your eye on what’s happening in the UK after the now less talked-about, but still relevant Brexit, you may be interested to know that you
can easily look up BOE MPC meeting dates in the application. Not something we’re going to make a pretty chart of, but definitely worth marking in your

Emerging Markets

From China we bring you an addition to our social financing datasets. Besides monthly flows, and yearly aggregates, you can view the data as a
12-month rolling sum, making it easier to read.

Macrobond chart

Urban Audit from Eurostat

A valuable source of insight into urban conditions in cities in the EU and EFTA, the Urban Audit provides indicators of the quality of life in these cities. The data cover demography, housing, health, labor market, education, and environment, amongst others.
Data is available for all countries covered by the source. However, the links provided in the list below navigate to a single country to serve as an
example of where the data is located in the tree.


From the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) comes the Short Term Energy Outlook, providing an overview of the energy markets both globally and for
the US. The chart below takes a look at the Brent spot average, supply, and consumption data, highlighting when supply exceeds consumption and vice versa.

Macrobond chart: EIA - Short Term Energy Outlook

Data by region


Predetermined short-term net drains on foreign currency assets


Total: Social financing 12-month rolling sum


Shares of GDP


IAB labor market barometer


Public debt held by the central bank, by individual instrument


Monetary aggregates

Puerto Rico

Gross public debt

National accounts


Monthly labor cost per worker


Deposits & loans


BOE MPC meetings

Population estimates

Scotland land & building transaction tax


EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook

PredictWise: Winner of the US 2016 general election

Public debt held by the central bank, by individual instrument


Discouraged Workers

Involuntary Part Time Workers

Labor force participation rate, by sex

(Data organized by country, links provide example of placement in tree.)

Farm labor statistics

Urban Audit: Larger urban zones & cities breakdown for various topics


Living conditions

Education & training

Culture & tourism

Labor market

Economy & finance



Perception Survey

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