Your Overview of Data Additions


This week survey data has been added from a variety of sources. Both
worldwide, and UK specific indicators were added. In the chart below you’ll see
the EPU Index, and Migration Fear Index, as well as a chart showing consumer
confidence data for the UK. Click on the charts or use the links at the end of
the post to further explore the data.

Macrobond chart

Macrobond chart

Frontier & Emerging Markets

Core indicators have been added for Papua New Guinea. The first additions of
data from local sources from this country include balance of payments, CPI,
government and public finance data, and national accounts.

Macrobond chart

For Saudi Arabia banking and credit, and balance of payments data has been
added. The chart below covers data for consolidated balance sheets of
commercial banks for the country.

Macrobond chart

Data Additions by Country


Migration fears & economic policy uncertainty


Population by province


Registered sales of weekend cottages – Regional level


INSEE employment data by department


Domestic GFCF


Government bond trading volume – Category of investor

Government bond trading volume – Totals


IIP – Local & abroad

New Zealand

Weekly oil price monitoring


Applications for asylum

Papua New Guinea

Balance of payments

Consumer price index

Government & public finance data

National accounts

Saudi Arabia

Consolidated balance sheet of commercial banks

International investment position




GFK – UK consumer saving index

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