Finding data by concept

User intentions

They’re what drive the way we design data navigation at Macrobond. Organizing data to reflect your intentions for it? By far the simplest and quickest way to gather what you’re looking for.

But, your intentions aren’t always the same. This is why we work with multiple views for the economics database.

You’re probably familiar with the Economics – by country (major), and Economics – by source views, for example.

By country is ideal when you want to view all the data for one country, in one place. When your focus is on the releases of a particular source, then it’s by source you should be using.

Economics – by concept

Today we want to introduce the by concept view. It’s an on-going project, to make navigating data as efficient as possible in the application. The by concept view is for when you’re interested in a particular indicator, but want to compare the data across a variety of countries or regions. It removes the repetitive work of searching for, and selecting the data for each entity individually.

When navigating the by concept view you’re able to access the data via two categories, National sources or All sources.

National Sources

Navigating via National sources will allow you to find data sourced from national sources, such as statistics agencies, and central banks.

National sources

All Sources

Under All sources you’ll find the majority of the data is sourced from International organizations such as BIS, IMF and OECD. However, national sources are, as the name suggests, also included in the All sources view.

All sources

Both of these views allow you to drill down by standardized subcategories, the same as those you’ll see in the by country views. So, you’re always dealing with a familiar pattern.

Excel Integration

As with all the other views, navigating the data this way is not only done within the application, but can also be done from within Excel, as you can see below.

By Concept Excel

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