Your Overview of Data Additions

This week we’re highlighting added tourism data, South African Real Estate data, and banking and credit data in a variety of forms. We’ll also take a closer look at the TIC SLT Report from the U.S. Department of Treasury. As always, you can view an alphabetical list (by country) of selected additions made over the last two weeks below the text and charts that follow.


New data has been added for Morocco, Spain, and Turkey. For Morocco you can view the statistics on visitor arrivals by regional grouping as well as the totals, starting from January 2000.  Data for Spain covers guest arrivals and occupancy, as well as overnight- and average stays. Turkey’s tourism data spans across various categories, including expenses, income, arrivals and departures. Follow the links above to view the data in the application.

Real Estate

In the recent months you may have noticed an increase in real estate data being added. Additions were made for Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Uganda, and France, amongst others. We have now expanded that list with house price index data for South Africa. Click on the chart below to open it in the application.

South Africa House Price Index

Banking & Credit

With a variety of additions made, the data in this category include non-performing loans for the Czech Republic, off balance sheet commitments in Greece, and loans per industry in Finland.

If we take a broader view of the category to include foreign finances data, the TIC SLT report should also be mentioned. Given the U.S. Treasury’s commitment to more regular reporting on foreign-held U.S. securities following the financial crisis, we’ll expand a bit on the relevance of the report, and the need for these changes in a separate paragraph below.

But first, charts demonstrating the data additions for the Czech Republic and Greece.

Czech Republic - NPL

Greece - Off Balance sheet commitments

TIC SLT Report

The Treasury International Capital (TIC) SLT report provides information on cross border financial flows and positions. This data is essential to understanding the sustainability of the US current account deficit.

During the financial crisis, it became clear that vulnerabilities could not be accurately identified or understood early enough, due to limitations in the data. At that time securities positions were only surveyed annually. Instead, timelier transactions data were used to estimate cross border positions in the interim, which proved to be imperfect and sometimes misleading.

Since then, improvements in measuring cross border securities positions and flows have been implemented. The resulting data is presented in the TIC SLT report, available for analysis, here, in the application.

US Treasury held by Country

Data Additions by Country

Czech Republic

Non-Performing Loans Monthly Data
Mid-Period Population


Loans to Non-Financial Corporations by Industry


Off Balance Sheet Commitments


Payroll Jobs
Youth Unemployment


Consumption Activity Index


Foreign Visitors


Seasonally Adjusted Money Supply

South Africa

House Price Index


Guests, Overnight, & Average Stays Statistics


National Wealth Balance Sheet


Tourism Statistics


Population by Sex & Age


HMRC Overseas Trade


TIC SLT Report

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