Your Overview of Data Additions

This week we’ll look at additions made to the BEA and OECD databases, as well as the progress we’ve made towards offering complete coverage of the TANKAN Business Survey. Have a look at the examples in the charts that follow, or skip straight ahead to the lists of data additions by country, and by database below the text.

BEA: Regional Economic Accounts

The additions to the BEA database in the Macrobond application provide access to the industry detailed dataset. This contains GDP related indicators, from the regional economic accounts, by state and metropolitan area. The data is classified according to NAICS, making it comparable across all U.S. regions. Data is located under BEA, United States, Regional, in the application

BEA: Gross Operating Surplus, Construction Sector

OECD: Main Aggregates EU 28

There are frequent and ongoing additions to the OECD database in the application. The most recent have been focused on expanding the Annual National Accounts data, adding the main aggregates for all the EU 28 countries. This data looks at various GDP related time series, disposable income, saving and net lending, population and employment, as well as comparative tables on PPPs and exchange rates. Direct links to the data can be found in the Data additions by database list below.

EU 28 - GDP compared to Exports & Imports of Goods and Services

TANKAN Business Survey

When we are faced with adding a large dataset we release the data in waves. One of our larger projects recently has been towards carrying the complete TANKAN Business Survey. We are now close to reaching the halfway mark on the project, in terms of coverage. Our most recent round of additions saw 6480 (to be exact) new time-series being added, amongst which were series in the categories predicted exchange rate, sales, and ratio of current profit to sales. Follow the link in the list below to access the data, or click on the chart to open it in the application.

TANKAN Survey: Ratio of Current Profit to Sales

Data additions by country


Interbank Rates


Central Bank Focus Market Readout Report
IBGE Monthly Services Survey


Bonds Issuance Data

Czech Republic

State Budget Taxes Revenues


CSO Job Vacancies by Economic Sector


Predicted Exchange Rates
Ratio of Current Profit to Sales


MFI Euro-Denominated Loans of Finnish Residents
MFI Euro-Denominated Deposits of Finnish Residents

South Africa

Central Government Budget- Borrowing
Annual Data on Export by Country
Annual Data on Import by Country


Autonomous Communities: GDP
Average Property Prices by Province
Dwellings Sales by Province
Domestic Trade, Industry Turnover: Large Companies
Employment, Male & Female: Large Companies
Wages & Salaries: Large Companies
Tourist Expenditure


SCB Recruitment
SCB Vacancy Rate
SCB Average Recruitment Time


Residential Property Index in Zurich


Water Stock Levels, by Reservoir


Quarterly International Investment Position


Balance of Payments


Gilt Market Size


Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia ATSIX (Aruoba Term Structure of Inflation Expectations)
Advance Technology Products

Data additions by database


Regional Economic Accounts: Industry Detailed

Main Aggregates for EU 28

Disposable Income & Net Lending/Net Borrowing
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Population & Employment by Main Activity
PPPs & Exchange Rates

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