Your Overview of Data Additions

To get you started this week we have a nice little data treat in the form of Wall Street bonuses. Going all the way back to 1985 this data gives you a look at the averages and totals for bonuses paid out, and year over year change. If you want to see whether the grass really is greener, or if you’re really keeping up with the Joneses, follow this link.

US - Securities Industry

As always, we’re adding to our emerging markets data. Currently we’re focusing on Asia and the Middle East, specifically in the public finance and banking sectors.

Sri Lanka - International Reserves

Our final chart displays some of the latest additions of detailed time series for the Spanish labor market. The data covers indicators such as unemployment, employment, active population and affiliated workers, at both provincial and autonomous community level.

Spain - Unemployment, March 2016

The Data by Country


LPX & NMX Infrastructure Indices


General Government Budget
Balance of Payments
Aggregated Balance Sheet & Flows of MFI Sector


Real Estate Prices > Apartments
Sadolin & Albæk Market Barometer


Monetary Aggregates


Balance of Payments
National Accounts
Consumer Price Index
Government & Public Finance


Government & Public Finance


Balance Sheet & Flows of MFI Sector


Diverse labor market statistics

Sri Lanka

Balance Sheet & Flows of MFI Sector
Deposits & Loans
General Government


Real Estate Indicators

United States

New York City Bonus Pool

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