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Macrobond + CANSIM

As a Macrobond user you can now access the CANSIM database in the
Macrobond application. CANSIM is Statistics Canada’s key
socioeconomic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and
easy access to a large range of the latest statistics available
in Canada.

The CANSIM database in the Macrobond application contains 5,5
million time series, across a variety of categories. An overview
of the categories can be seen in the image below, and explored in
more detail in the application via this link. All
users have access to the CANSIM database as part of our core
offering. This means you can access the data immediately, without
having to purchase it as an add-on database.

Canada, Cansim

For those who are familiar with CAMSIM, vector codes and table
codes can be used to easily search and navigate the CANSIM
database within Macrobond. Table codes can be searched via the
database-specific search field in Macrobond, and CANSIM vectors
can be searched by adding the prefix ‘cansim_’ to the vector

Below you can see a bar chart of the GDP data available per
sector and province.

Canada, Cansim GDP per Sector

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