Your Overview of Data Additions

Making additions to our database is part of the day-in-day-out at Macrobond, and up until now we’ve published a weekly list of the main additions made. From now on we will be publishing data additions every other Wednesday. But we’ll kick off this change with our first post today.

These posts provide a less time consuming way to get an overview of data additions. Posts might highlight trends in data requests from our users, point out some of the more unusual data additions, as well as provide updates on progress made in ongoing projects. We will also include some example charts to give you a sense of the type of time series these additions include. For those of you who prefer to simply scan the list- not to worry. The list of data additions by country, with links to the application, will still be included.

So, what’s new?

Many users have expressed an interest in expanded emerging markets coverage. For the latest additions we’ve focused on adding data for the Middle East.

Middle East data

Under any one category, the data included can be highly detailed, as well as consist of long histories. If you see a country or region that’s of interest to you, we suggest exploring the data within the application, via the links provided. It’s the simplest way to stay up-to-date on new series that could impact your analyses.

Irish data

We’ve also made some additions for specific client requests. Sometimes we’re quite surprised by the level of detail these additions include. For example, if you’ve been waiting to investigate home building prices in Uruguay, you can now compare the price of a variety of 12cm bricks. No detail too small, as they say.

Uruguayan data

We will be back with more additions every other Wednesday, from the 13th of April. So check in then for the next review, either here or in your application news feed.




Residential Property Price Index by Region


Loan Approvals


Central Bank Balance Sheet

Deposits & Loans


Guest Nights


Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research & Development


Construction Permits


Home Building Prices

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