Property data from SouFun-CREIS added

Data from China’s biggest mainland real estate website owner has been added to the database covering about 35 large and mid-sized cities.

The data can be found under China > Construction & Real Estate > Real Estate:

  1. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Approved for Sale
    Number of units that are approved by authority for sale in numbers and in floor area.
  2. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Available for Sale
    Number of units ready for sale (in market) in numbers and in floor area.
  3. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Land
    Total area of land purchased by Developers
    Total monetary amount traded for land sale
  4. Real Estate Transactions > Regions > Units Sale
    Number of units actually sold during the month, in numbers and in floor area.
  5. Real Estate Prices
    Monthly average price for different type of housing in each city
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